13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan

Best honeymoon places in Pakistan

Honeymoon, a one-time celebration happening once in a life. Thus a bucket of best honeymoon places in Pakistan will be shared in this, where you will find from safari, mountains, beaches, glaciers, lakes to the most amazing snow-capped mountain, and mesmerizing landscapes.

7 Seasons of Pakistan and your beautiful, peaceful, and romantic plan to celebrate your honeymoon with your spouse looks amazing.

As honeymoon has no proper shape it comes in every shape considering its shape and size.  Which has been this is the craziest and high-stake trip anyone has to plan.


Honeymoon is all about to make lost lasting memories which will be remembered in the whole life but happen for once.

So my advice is to take a moment to read this to discover the romantic places in Pakistan to celebrate your life’s amazing days at the best honeymoon destinations in Pakistan.

So, let me breakdown and reveal my bucket of Best Honeymoon Places in Pakistan. For the helping perspective, I will also be sharing the best honeymoon hotels in Pakistan, Traditional foods, and other local cultures precisely which will give you a lighter idea as well.

  1. Gilgit Region (Gilgit, Ghizer, Nagar, Hunza, Attabbad, Khunjrab Border)
  2. Baltistan Region (Skardu, Shigar, Shangri-la, etc)
  3. Azad Kashmir (Muzaffarabad, Keran, Upper Neelum, Sharda, Kel)
  4. Swat ( Mingora, MalamJabba, Kalam)
  5. Naran / Kaghan Valley (Shogran, Siri Paye, Saif ul Malook, Babusar, Lulusar Lake)
  6. Murree /  Gilayat
  7. Diamer Region (Chilas, Fairy Meadows, Nanga Parbat Mountains)
  8. Chitral Valley
  9. Ziarat Valley
  10. Pir Sohawa
  11. Gorakh Hill
  12. Beaches in Karachi
  13. Beaches in Baluchistan

1. Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan administering by Pakistan a hub of future tourism. Gilgit Baltistan has three regions Gilgit, Baltistan, and Diamer but Gilgit and Baltistan are mainly due to a hub of the world’s largest expeditions due to Mountains and Peaks. Both are also the home of the world’s highest mountain ranges in the whole world.

Karakoram range and Western Himalaya ranges spread in these areas.

Coming back to the main topic of the best honeymoon places in Pakistan, it will be divided into regions so that you may plan according to your days.

13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan - Gilgit Baltistan
Photo Credit – Laeeq Abbas

      1.1- Gilgit Region

When you plan to visit Gilgit Region. You will be amazed to find this heavenly piece of land. After reaching when you move to the northern side you will be covering Nagar, Naltar, Hunza until Khunjrab Pass.

Famous Hotels in Gilgit:

  • Gilgit Serena Hotel
  • Riverdale Resort Gilgit
  • Cozy lodge hotel
  • Riveria Hotel
  • Gilgit Serena Hotel

  • Nagar Valley

Nagar Valley is one of the ten districts of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan, formerly known as the Royal State. The valley is located along the Karakoram Highway north of the main city Gilgit. The valley has several high peaks such as Rakaposhi (7788) m, Duron Peak (7265 m), Golden Peak and Rush Peak. There are 24 more villages in the whole district. Chalt , Minapin and Hopper are the most popular tourist destinations. Burushaski and Shina languages ​​are spoken in the valley. The valley also houses Pakistan’s highest alpine lake and Rush Lake, the 27th highest lake in the world.

To spend the precious time of your life with your loved ones. You may take to the following places in Nagar Valley

  • Gappa Valley
  • Rakaposhi View Point
  • Minapin Valley
  • Saas Valley
  • Hopar Valley and Glacier
  • Nagar Khas
13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan - Rakaposhi Gilgit Baltistan
Photo By: Laeeq Abbas

Romantic and Famous Hotels in Nagar

  • Deran Guest House
  • Osho Thang Hotel
  • Hikal Guest House
  • Dumani Mountain Resort
  • Rakaposhi Base 1
  • Rakaposhi Base 2
  • Paradise Hotel
  • Kepal Inn Hoppar Nagar
  • Naltar Valley

People say it is a real paradise. And I have particularly selected this scenic valley for your honeymoon travel list [Best honeymoon places in Pakistan]. This is the reason why over fifty thousand visitors every year see its beauty and enjoy the summer holidays. The National Skating Championships are held every year from late January to late February during the winter.

Both the summer and winter mountains of the Naltar Valley are covered with snow. There are two peaks in the Naltar Valley. Mehrbani Peak or Palo Peak and the height of this peak is 5,639 meters.

The Naltar Valley is full of surprises. There are three beautiful lakes in the Naltar Valley. Rainbow Lake (Fish Lake) is 3050–3150 m high. The road is 12 kilometers (08 miles) from upper Naltar (or Naltar Bala). Rainbow Lake.

Lakes are surrounded by dense pine forests, making it almost impossible to reach these lakes by any vehicle due to heavy snowfall in winter.

One is Blue Star Lake, Rainbow Lake is 1 km from Blue Star Lake to Rainbow Lake. The quality of this lake is that its color is completely blue and the depth is very deep.

The third lake, also known as Bodroco Lake, is a dirty black lake. Bedrock Lake is located 0f 15 km from Naltar Bala and is at the top of the fort. Kotte means a place covered with mountains.

Romantic Hotels in Naltar

  • Naltar Palace Hotel
  • Mehmaan Resort
  • Hikal Guest House
  • Dumani Mountain Resort
  • Hunza Valley

Hunza is considered a paradise on earth and is well-supported for its natural beauty that provides focus. At night there are thousands of glowing stars in the sky of Hunza Valley and the air is filled with deep emotions and positive vibrations.

Although the road to Hunza is a bit long. Why not enjoy that long drive with your loved ones when the destination is beautiful and fun?

Hunza is the most visited area considering the best honeymoon places in Hunza and for this reason, I have included “Best honeymoon places in Pakistan” to add more cookies.


After reaching Hunza, you may cover the below points as per your wish and travel plan.

  • Altit Fort
  • Baltit Fort
  • Karimabad Handicraft Market
  • Aliabad Bazar
  • Eagle Nest
  • Passu Cones
  • Attabad Lake
  • Hussaini Suspension Bridge
  • Sost
  • Khunjerav Pass

People, there are highly talented and hospitable. You will find this place just like home.

Romantic Hotels in Hunza

Tourist Cottage Hunza

  • Luxus Hunza
  • Hunza Serena Inn
  • Hunza Glamping Resort
  • Eagles Nest Hotel
  • PTDC Motel Hunza
    • Darbar Hotel
13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan
Photo By: Muizz.din


  • Ghizer Valley

Ghizer District is the western part of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Its capital is Gakuch. The intersection between Ghizer Gilgit and Chitral and near China, from Tajikistan to ISKCON / Dark Yassin over the Quran

Ghizer is a multi-ethnic district and speaks three major languages; Khowar, Shina, and Burushiski. Ishqaman and some Gujars and Tajiks also spoke Wakhi.

Ghizer is a twisted form of the name “Gherz”, meaning “refugee” in Khowar.

Ghizer is another beautiful place in Gilgit-Baltistan. Ghizer has four beautiful Valleys.

  • Punial Vally
  • Ishkomen Valley
  • Gupis Valley
  • Yasin Valley

Romantic and Famous Hotels in Ghizer

  • Ghizer Blossom Inn Hotel
  • Lake View Hotel
  • Shandur Paradise Hotel

         1.2- Baltistan Region

Baltistan is the geographical region of Gilgit-Baltistan in the Pakistan-administered in the northern part of Pakistan. Surrounding the Indus River and tributaries such as the Shyok River and Baltistan, Baltistan is located on the high Ladakh Plateau and has the highest peaks in the Karakoram Range – K2 (Mount Godwin Austen; 28,251 ft. Second highest mountain in the world). Gasherbrum I (26,470 ft [8,068 m]), and Broad Peak I. Baltistan has a harsh climate, with an average annual rainfall of only 6 inches. The valleys are 8,000 to 10,000 feet (2,500 to 3,000 meters) high. Baltis are inhabited by Baltis, a Muslim tribe of primarily Tibetan origin who enjoy a snack of growing crops (mainly barley and fruits).

To memorize your honeymoon at this top-rated destination. You may visit the Best 10 Places to visit in Skardu Baltistan as per below.

  • Skardu Fort
  • Katpana Lake
  • Basho Valley
  • Khaplu Valley
  • Kachura Lake
  • Shigar Fort
  • Deosai
  • Sheosar Lake
  • Shangri-La Lake
  • Satpara Lake

Romantic and Famous Hotels in Skardu

13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan - Skardu Valley
Photo By: Wazir Tanu

     1.3- Diamer Region

Diamer is the third region of Gilgit Baltistan and Chilas is the capital.

Chilas is a small town along the famous Karakoram Highway. It is located at the foot of the Nanga Parbat at an altitude of about 3000 feet above sea level, which stands as a wall against the monsoon winds without rain to Chilas.

This fact makes the winter dry and coarse, which is very cold in summer with cool winds at a temperature of 52 degrees centigrade and -10 degrees.

Chilas to Gilgit is a very scenic drive on the Karakoram Highway, the road is very scenic and there is a lot to offer.

Famous places to visit in Chilas during a honeymoon visit are as below:

  1.         Chilas Main Market
  2.         Feary Meadows
  3.         Nanga Parbat base camp trek

Romantic and Famous Hotels in Chilas


2. Azad Kashmir

In my list of best honeymoon places in Pakistan, I would recommend Azad Kashmir too. As it’s covered with mesmeric scenic areas that make anyone hard to believe. Traveling to Pakistan forces you to explore the glory of lands covered with natural beauty.

Of all the tourist attractions in Pakistan to spend the best part of your honeymoon trip.

Few of the top attraction in Azad Kashmir are as below for your worth honeymoon trip

  • Shounter Lake
  • Red Fort
  • Pir Chinasi
  • Toli Pir
  • Ramkot Fort
  • Jhelum Valley
  •  Banjosa Lake
  • Rawalakot
  • Neelum Valley
  • Leepa Valley

Famous Hotels in Azad Kashmir:

  • Neelam Valley Hotels
  • Hotel Deewan-e-Aziz Internationl
  • Green Village Resorts
  • PC Muzafarabad
13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan - Kumrat Valey Valley
Photo By: usman_zubair

3. Swat Valley

Pakistan is a country of beauty and Swat is proof of this statement. It has stunning landscapes and the Red Hut cottages can be seen from a great distance. The Swat expedition is filled with awe at every step and captures the deep jungle tourists who welcomed heaven to earth.

List of Famous Tourist Attractions in Swat and Summary of Best Places to Visit in Swat When visiting Pakistan or for your memorable honeymoon trip, you should consider the list of great places to visit in Swat, whether you are looking for a lovely holiday or weekend full of historical attractions, countless great cultural experiences and other fun things to do.

Below are the most popular and most visited destinations to visit in swat with your loved ones.

  • Malam Jabba Ski Resort
  • Kalam Valley
  • Gabin Jabba
  • Saidu Sharif
  • Shingardar Stupa
  • Shangla Top
  • Murghzar White Palace
  • Kumrat Valley
  • Fiza Gut Park
  • Ushu
  • Mingora Bazar
  • Swat Museum
  • Bahrain
  • Shingrai Waterfall
  • Peuchar Valley

You may also prefer to visit Famous Lakes in Swat to add more memories in your trip.

  • Mahodand Lake
  • Shetan Goot Lakes
  • Neelsar Lake
  • Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake
  • Bashigtam Lake
  • Daral Lake
  • Khaipro Lakes
  • Saidgai Lake
  • Kharkhari Lake
  • Izmis lake
  • Anakar Lake
  • Kandol Lake
  • Godur Lake

Famous Hotels in Swat – Kalam – Malam Jabba:

    • River Palace Hotel
    • Hotels Hill City
    • Serena Hotel Swat
    • Holiday Inn
    • Swat View Hotel
    • Burjal Swat Hotel
13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan Swat
Photo By: khwajasaeed

4. Muree / Galiyat

Murree is one of the summer resorts in Pakistan. People from all over the country visit this beautiful mountainous place to get out of the suffocating heat of winter, while it is difficult to reach all the northern regions, some prefer to stay at a nearby resort to enjoy the snow without any hassle. We will. Especially the dense green trees, the cool weather, the fresh air, the beautiful valleys, and the most important clouds on the road, these trees will embrace you with joy.

Both Muri and Galit are easily accessible from the twin cities. Muri Azad is a transport destination for travelers going to Kashmir or Abbottabad. Both are popular hill stations, especially during the winter snowfall and summer vacations. People from different cities come to spend their time in a peaceful and serene environment. Tourists can enjoy coffee shops, food restaurants, lounge lifts, hiking etc.

Places to visit in Murree during a honeymoon trip are as below:

  • The Mall Road
  • Pindi Point
  • New Murree
  • Mukshpuri Top
  • Thandiani
  • Nathiagali
  • Kashmir Point
  • Patriata (New Murree)
  • Bhurban
  • Upper Topa and Lower Topa
  • Rawat
  • Harnoi
  • Murree Lakes
  • Nathiagali
  • Ayubia & Dunga Gali
  • Ghora Gali

Famous Hotels in Murree / Galiyat:

13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan Nathiagali
Photo By: Art by wasif

5. Chitral Valley

Chitral is more famous for the Kalash Valley, where Pakistan’s minority propagates its Greek culture. The best time to visit the valley is from April to October when you find huge colors and fruits. Chitral welcomes summer in its valley with different colors while winter wears white snow shawls all over the place.

From Chitral Islamabad, Chitral is easily accessible by air as a daily flight activity. In addition, it takes 10 hours to reach the valley via AH1 / M-1 and N-45 with various stopovers by road from Islamabad to Chitral.

Famous Places to visit in Chitral Valley during honeymoon trip

  • Kalash Valley
  • Koghazi and Goleen
  • Tirich Mir
  • Chitral Museum
  • Barmoghlasht
  • Ayun Valley
  • Shandur Polo Ground
  • Shahi Masjid
  • Shahi Qila
  • Gram Chashma
  • Kalash Valley
  • Koghazi and Goleen

Famous Hotels in Chitral Valley:

  • Hindukuch Hieghts
  • Tirch Mir View hotel
  • PTDC Motel
  • Pamir Riverside Inn Hotel
  • Ayun Fort Inn
13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan Chitral Valley
Photo By: gilgit_and_chitral

6. Naran Kaghan Valley:

Kaghan Valley is a river valley where the Kunhar River flows beautifully. It has many beautiful villages, valleys, and lakes.

Apart from this, the place is 8,000 feet high and is also famous for its cool climate. The living area in an alpine climate means that the average temperature during the year does not exceed 10 degrees.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan is a popular tourist destination located in the upper Kaghan Valley.

Naran offers many places to visit for travelers to explore.

  • Naran Valley
  • Supat Valley
  • Shogran
  • Babusar Pass
  • Malika Parbat
  • Manna Meadows
  • Sharan
  • Siri Paye
  • Lalazar
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Kiwai
  • Noori Top
  • Makra Peak
  • Batakundi
  • Pyala Lake
  • Black and Blue Saral Lake
  • Satsar Mala Lake
  • Dudipatsar Lake
  • Ansoo Lake
  • Dana Meadows
  • River Kunhar
  • Lake Saif-ul-Malook

Famous Hotels in Naran Kaghan:

  • Flora Inn Hotel
  • Fircrest Lodge
  • Swiss Wood Cottages
  • Roomy Mountain Top Resort
  • Arcadian Riverside
13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan Kaghan Valley
Photo By: adil Riaz

7. Ziarat Valley

Ziarat is a popular tourist destination for local tourists in Balochistan Province. It is located at an altitude of 2453 meters (8050 feet) at 30 ° 22 N 51 N, 67 ° 43 ′ 37 E. Ziarat has the second largest juniper forest in the world.

Ziarat is famous for the Ziarat Niwas, where the founder of the country Qaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah lived and spent the last days of his life, one of the main attractions to see this relic made of wood and stone. There is a beautiful structure that represents 19th century English architecture.

Romantic and Famous Hotels in Ziarat

13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan Ziarat Baluchistan
Photo By farishere

8. Pir Sohawa

Pir Sohawa is a fast-growing tourist destination located at the top of the Mergala Hills, 17 km from Islamabad. It has an elevation of over 3000 feet and is located in the village of Monal which is geographically part of the Haripur district. On January 6, 2012, almost six years later, Pirsova, the city’s tallest tourist destination, received a few inches of snow.

Popular Places to Visit Near Pir Sohawa:

One such place is the magnificent and most visited type of “Pir Sohawa”. It is an ideal place to visit and decorate with family for night tours, celebrations, parties and events.

Pir Sohawa was originally an elevation of 5000 feet above sea level. It is a kind of resort for tourists and visitors located at the top of the beautiful Margala Hills. Its geographical location is at Haripur.

The resort is located near the village of Monal, which is steep. Pir Sohawa is a few kilometers away from the main city. The winding road through Daman e Koh connects Islamabad and Pir Soha.

During your honeymoon trip with your spouse, Pir Sohawa is the most incredible and famous honeymoon destination.

During your visit, you may also visit the nearby public places and famous shopping malls.

  • Dhok Jeevan
  • Dera Jangan
  • Monal / Lamontagne Restaurant
  • Margalla Avenue
  • Damn-e-Koh
  • Islamabad Zoo
  • Blue Area
  • Japanese Park
  • Faisal Mosque

Famous Malls Nearby Pir Sohawa:

  • Safa Gold Mall.
  • Blue Area.
  • Super Market
  • Supper Jinnah Market
13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan Pir Sohawa
Photo By: shamsher niazi

9. Gorakh Hills

Finding places in the forest that will help you establish peace with your existence is not an everyday thing. It is looking for inner peace, which allows people like us to pack our bags and get on the road.

Gorakh Hill Station is one of the most amazing travel experiences. It is the most romantic place in Pakistan to spend precious time with your loved ones. The word “Gorakh” means “wild”. The name is believed to have been given by the famous 11th-century yogi Gorakhnath.

13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan Gorakh hill Station
Photo By: gorakhillstation

10. Famous Beaches in Karachi

In my list of Best honeymoon places in Pakistan, to add more taste to your honeymoon trip, you may plan to visit the Beaches of Karachi.

Let me precisely list down a few beaches where you can choose and go.

  • Clifton
  • Cape Monze
  • French beach
  • Hawke’s Bay
  • Charna Island
  • Manora
  • Gadani beach
13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan manora Beach
Photo By: karachibeaches

11. Famous Beaches in Baluchistan

Baluchistan, with spectacular mountain scenery, is looking to develop its stunning long coastline to revive the province’s tourism industry. To spend honeymoon days with your wife/husband, the beachside in Baluchistan will give you some extra mile experience.

The Baluchistan Provincial Government is drawing up a comprehensive plan to transform the beaches into attractive tourist destinations. Baluchistan Province has a beautiful coastline of 700 km.

  • Astola Island
  • Sonmiani Beach
  • Padi Zar
  • Gwadar Beach
  • Jiwani Beach
  • Pasni
  • Pishukan Beach
  • Hingol
  • Kund Malir Beach
  • Ormara Beach
13 Best honeymoon places in Pakistan Godani Beach
Photo By: travelwitheart__

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