Muhammad Ali Sadpara and his team soon summit k2 in winter after Nepali Climbers in 2021

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After a successful ascent done by Nepalese Team Climbers to K2 in winters. Muhammad Ali, his son, and co-climber John Snorri has left for K2 Winter Expedition on 14 January 2021. As per john Snorri’s comment while leaving.

Update: Fixing Lines and Rope For C2 K2 By John Snorri:

Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Sajid Ali Sadpara have just arrived at camp 2 and it is -30 C. We plan to stay here overnight. It was difficult to climb from camp 1 to camp 2. There is massive blue ice and it is hard to pick the ice with the crampons. A lot of rocks collapsing towards us so we had to keep 100% focus. The crampons on my left foot got loose and fell off but we managed to save it and my jumar ascender was always freezing. Still, we are feeling good but really craving coca-cola.

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K2 Ascent Update:

We are aiming for the summit on Monday morning the 25th at 09:00 PKT. This ascent will be extremely challenging, we are planing for C3 at noon on Sunday, rest for short time then start our summit push at 18:00 PKT. Hopefully, all goes according to plan and we will have a successful summit. We are all excited and ready for this project of a lifetime.

John Snorri

Last Update from C3 K2 :

John Snorri, Muhammad Ali Sadpara, and Sajid Ali Sadpara are still in C3. The wind is strong so they are waiting and assessing the weather. Meanwhile, they will have some soup and gather strength.

john snorri sajid sadpara ali sadpara at k2 c3-min
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john snorri sajid sadpara ali sadpara at k2 c3

Who is john Snorri who is climbing K2 in winters?

Find all updates life about John Snorri at his official website



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