Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan

Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan Pakistan. Balochistan is Pakistan’s largest province, covering more than one-third of the country’s landmass. It also includes some of the country’s most fascinating and unique tourist attractions—from gorgeous beaches to stunning mountain vistas to ancient historical sites that have been around since before the birth of Islam itself! Take a look at some of the top 10 places to visit in Balochistan, Pakistan, below.

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1) Hingol National Park

A must-visit place if you are planning a trip to Pakistan. Hingol National Park is situated at an elevation of 1,050 meters and is home to a diverse range of animals including hyenas and leopards as well as over 300 species of birds. The park covers a vast area (over 3200 sq km) but has been built up around two lakes – Lake Qargha and Lake Pabbi. Hingol National Park is accessible from both Karachi and Gwadar via car or bus.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan Pakistan

If you’re driving, it’s approximately 20 hours from Karachi and 15 hours from Gwadar. There are also daily flights between Gadsair and Dhabkhel which take approximately 30 minutes. Entrance to Hingol National Park is Rs150 for foreign nationals, Rs50 for Pakistani citizens (on presentation of ID card). To get here by road takes about 4-5 hours from Quetta so make sure your travel plan allows for enough time. And remember to bring enough water with you; while there’s some available on site it’s best not to rely on it being easily accessible when out sightseeing! There are also camping facilities within each campsite however these will need pre-booking ahead of time.

2) Kech Beach

Kech Beach is located near Gwadar, a port city in Balochistan. Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan, A military cantonment and Quaid-e-Azam Residency are nearby. The beach features golden sands, fresh seafood and fish. Hingol National Park: Located on Makran Coastal Highway of Gwadar District, Hingol National Park spreads over an area of 800 square kilometers which makes it one of the largest coastal national parks of Asia. It is spread over three coastal towns namely Hingol Town (current Headquarters), Mand, and Tatta Pani.

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It is a popular destination for beachgoers, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts. Hingol National Park: It was established on February 18, 2005, as a marine national park. The name of Hingol River which passes through its boundaries has been changed from Hingol nala (blue nala) to Hingol Zalzala (Big Tsunami). The park covers an area of 880 km2 and is located 85 kilometers from Gwadar city at latitude 24°18’0N and longitude 62°36’55E. Its climate is arid with temperatures ranging between 10 °C and 35 °C.

Kech Beach gwadar Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan
Kech Beach gwadar

3) Gwadar Port

The Gwadar Port is a port near Gwadar city on Pakistan’s southwestern coast. It’s one of two major ports being developed as part of China’s sprawling One Belt, One Road initiative, which aims to build up infrastructure and trade routes from Southeast Asia all the way into Europe. In November 2016, Chinese and Pakistani officials signed an agreement giving Beijing operational control over a long-term lease for the development of port facilities for 99 years—another deal that’s drawing criticism amid accusations of foreign interference. The value of road projects in Balochistan alone adds up to more than $11 billion — making them potentially just as important as energy projects when it comes to boosting investment in that region.

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan Pakistan

Another key trade route runs through Gwadar, a fishing port on Pakistan’s southwestern coast that China has transformed into a massive economic hub over the past decade. The government is developing infrastructure for business and tourism in Gwadar—including an international airport that opened last year and will eventually connect with road projects. Once completed, it will dramatically shorten travel times from Balochistan to Karachi and other parts of southern Pakistan. This is part of China’s larger strategy for economic development across Asia — along with an accompanying network of ports and transportation routes are known as One Belt One Road.

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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) – Second Paragraph: The first commercial flight from central Europe to eastern Asia departed from Budapest on March 26th, 2018.
The port is also connected to China by a network of highways and railways that will run all the way from western China into central Europe. The Karakoram Highway runs more than 1,300 miles through northern Pakistan. In September 2016, Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain announced that his country would provide visas on arrival for Chinese nationals visiting Gwadar — but there has been little progress since then.
The roads leading out of Gwadar connect to some of Pakistan’s most isolated regions including the Awaran District and serve as links between these areas and regional centers such as Quetta.

Gwadar Port Balochistan Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan
Gwadar Port Balochistan

4) Dasht River Valley

In our next list in Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan. One of the most remote places on earth, Dasht River Valley is located in southern Balochistan and is only accessible via 4×4. The name Dasht means desert and it couldn’t be more fitting; there is absolutely nothing here but endless rolling sand dunes that shift with every gentle breeze. Though you won’t find anything remotely resembling a formal tourist attraction in Dasht River Valley, it makes for a perfect place to disconnect from your busy life. There aren’t even any shops or food stalls because everything has to be carried here by camels! As you gaze out into what seems like an endless desert, allow yourself time to feel small.

Dasht River Valley Balochistan
Dasht River Valley Balochistan

5) Pasni Beach

The coastal area of Pasni is filled with a number of attractions that make it a popular destination among tourists. The most famous attraction is probably its beach. It’s known for its calm waters and pristine white sand that’s best enjoyed during the months of June and September. Located along the coast, Pasni’s beach offers an array of activities including swimming, sunbathing and boating. The street running beside it also has some good cafes where you can sit back and relax while enjoying a nice cold drink or two. There are also boats available for rent so if you’re looking for something adventurous then look no further! This point would be the most recommended point in our list “Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan Pakistan

Pasni Beach balochistan Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan
Pasni Beach balochistan

6) Makran Coastline

The Makran coast or Makran Coastline is a coastline on the southeastern corner of the Iranian plateau in Southeastern Iran and Southwestern Pakistan. It is known for its beaches and extensive mudflats that are most active during low tide. Notable towns include Pasni, Gwadar, and Ormara. The coastline includes many other large villages including Killi Wala.

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Gwadar is located in Southwestern Pakistan, on the shores of the Makran coast. It is a port city that serves as a major seaport and fishing center. We have compiled this most visited area as Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan. Because the natural harbor has been greatly expanded by excavating mudflats from its surrounding sea bed leading to the reclamation of about 1,200 hectares of land. Several more developments are planned for Gwadar including building a refinery to serve Pakistans growing energy needs and also for exporting oil and gas via pipelines running through Iran; improvement of road infrastructure connecting Gwadar with different cities of Pakistan; construction of desalination plants to provide water for all-year-round irrigation activities; and construction or upgrade of the railway network and other transport facilities.

Makran Coastline highway balochistan
Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan
Makran Coastline highway Balochistan

7) Kharan Desert Wildlife Sanctuary

The word desert often evokes images of sand dunes and scorching heat. But if you’re looking for a natural escape with a surprising landscape, head over to Kharan Desert Wildlife Sanctuary in Balochistan. The sanctuary is home to around 116 species of mammals and over 250 species of birds and reptiles; one-third of them are not found anywhere else on Earth.
The Kharan Desert is also known as Dasht-e Kharana and Dasht-i-Lut. It spans around 1155 square kilometers and is located at a distance of around 186 kilometers from Dalbandin city. You can reach there by private transport or you can even drive down in a rented car with your family and friends. If you’re traveling through public transport, there are regular bus services that connect various cities like Quetta to Dalbandin via Sibi. Visitors will be greeted by towering sand dunes on their way into Dalbandin; make sure you get off at Kharan city bus stop and look out for locals who might offer you a camel ride into Dalbandin City.

Kharan Desert Wildlife Sanctuary balochistan Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan
Kharan Desert Wildlife Sanctuary Balochistan

8) Jiwani Beach

Jiwani Beach is located in Gwadar District. It is a few hundred kilometers west of Karachi. In the Balochi language, Jiwani means Place of new arrivals because it was an area where new immigrants used to settle down and found their villages or colonies. The distance between Karachi and Jiwani beach is 597 km. It takes 8 hours drive from Karachi if there are no traffic jams on National Highway (N-5).
The sand dunes here are yellowish-white with some light brown spots and covered with fine sand particles which feel soft under your feet when you walk barefoot on them. That makes it a nice beach for sunbathing and other activities as well.
Moreover, Jiwani beach has a cafe/restaurant that serves delicious foods to its customers. If you want to enjoy its beautiful scenery then get ready to pay 5000 rupees per couple as a minimum charge. The government has banned foreigners and non-Balochis people from visiting its beautiful beaches due to security reasons but exceptions are made if they bring at least three local citizens along with them. It is one of Balochistan’s most exotic tourist destinations.

Jiwani Beach balochistan Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan
Jiwani Beach balochistan

9) The Bolan Pass

The southernmost tip of Karachi is lined with hills and dotted with resorts overlooking a beautiful beach. In fact, picturesque Zarghoon Road is home to one of Karachi’s most underrated beaches: Kund Malir Beach. The crescent-shaped shoreline has everything from a seafood restaurant to paddle boarding and snorkeling gear rentals—the perfect place for a day trip!
There are a few different ways to get there. The easiest is via bus; simply hop on one of these routes at Frere Road (near Nagan Chowrangi) or Five Star Chowrangi (behind Sohrab Goth Police Station). The trip will take about 45 minutes from Frere Road and slightly longer from Five Star Chowrangi—but trust us, it’s worth it! Another option is hiring a rickshaw for about 300 rupees round-trip. A third choice is taking a taxi. These will cost more than rickshaws but still less than half as much as other alternatives.

The Bolan Pass balochistan Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan
The Bolan Pass balochistan

10) Moola Chotok – Khuzdar

Moola Chotok is an eco-friendly resort and has been created using recycled materials. It overlooks a pond that is home to several species of birds and fish. You can enjoy a meal at one of their restaurants and then head over to the bar for some refreshing drinks or just relax with a good book from their library. Their natural pools will be available for your enjoyment once it gets warmer out. Once you’ve had enough fun, you can check out one of their bird watching tours where they show you around nature’s finest offerings right here in Pakistan. (Location: Khuzdar).
Moola Chotok is open year-round and they offer dorms as well as rooms with private bathrooms.
If you feel like camping, you can pitch a tent or rent out their domed tents as well. One of their great attractions is that they make sure that all of their facilities are eco-friendly and offer many environmentally friendly activities onsite too. (Location: Khuzdar).

Moola Chotok – Khuzdar balochistan  Top 10 Places to Visit in Balochistan, Pakistan
Moola Chotok – Khuzdar balochistan

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