Alex Goldfarb An American Climber Gone Missed on Pastore Peak

From Local Tour Organizer It has come into notice that An American Climber Alex Goldfarb with his co-partner landed at Pastore peak  (6209m) to do a climb on broad Peak (8047m) near K2 Gilgit Baltistan. For an early assessment of the crevasses and overall situation, Alex has decided to go further as a solo. But later on, he got late and didn’t bank on the expected time. Alex Goldfarb An American Climber Gone Missed on Pastore Peak. On 16 January 2021 Alex goes a miss and it been two days and he is getting uncountable.


A rescue operation has been conducted after the news came from a local tour organizer. Pakistan Army has also engaged a rescue helicopter for searching Alex Goldfarb who went to scale Pastore peak to attempt an ascent to the broad peak.

Mentioning here, there were two big expedition happening side by side 1- K2 Winter Expedition 2021 And 2- Broad Peak Expedition 2021.

Co-climber Zoltan Szlanko and a member from K2 Winter Expedition 2021 John Snorri are continuously searching Alex on Pastore peak.

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Abid Sadpara And His Team Volunteering in Rescuing Alex on Pastore Peak Baltistan.

After the news floated on social media about Alex Goldfarb An American Climber Gone Missed on Pastore Peak. Nation hero Hassan sadpara’s son abid sadpara and his team are voluntarily ready to move to k2 base camp to rescue USA climber Mr. Alex who is missing on the broad peak for 2 days our nation’s best wishes are with abid sadpara and his team good luck

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As per the last updates, there are three teams working to find out Alex. The army Rescue team, Two Climbers(Co-Climber and a climber from K2 Expedition), and Now left the third team Abdi Sadpara and his team to search Alex. We wish him the best of luck.

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