18 Best Places to visit in Neelam valley Azad Kashmir

18 Best Places to visit in Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir Pakistan

Neelam valley Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir:

Writing 18 Best Places to visit in Neelam valley Azad Kashmir. So, When we talk about tourist destination in Pakistan then only one most beautiful place come into our mind and that is Neelam valley in Muzaffarabad –Azad Kashmir. In the Pakistani language, it is also known as Wadi-E-Neelam. Furthermore, Neelam valley is one of the top greenish valleys in Azad Kashmir Pakistan. From Neelam River, Neelam valley is located along 144KM long. Also, Neelam valley is bow-shaped as well as one of the biggest districts of Azad Kashmir. In this blog post, we will discuss each point of the best places to visit in Neelam valley that are equally important.

Climate Attraction to visit Neelam Valley:

Neelam valley have always good climate; either in summer or winter and attracts thousands of tourists every year. It has excellent scenic beauty, lush green-deep dense forests, and mountains, panoramic view, beautiful and freshwater streams, various waterfalls, lakes of high altitude as well as towering hills on both sides of the Neelam River. Its attractive surrounding makes a true dream to visit the Neelam valley. It is also famous for Honeymoon tourism in Pakistan. Due to its attractive look, Neelam valley provides a reason to fall in love again. and again.

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Muzaffarabad to Neelam valley:

Neelam valley is 20KM away from the Capital. Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Kashmir and there are two main routes to reach Neelam valley. One route is from Abbottabad (Gari-Habibullah road when you traveling from any part of Punjab) however, the other one is from Murree (Kohala Road when you traveling from Islamabad to Neelam valley). Moreover, a 240KM long picture of Neelam valley is situated to the North and East of Muzaffarabad, parallel running to the Kagan valley but separated by snow-covered peaks at about 500 meters above sea level.

Is there any nest time to visit the Neelam valley? 

Yes, the best time to visit the Neelam valley is from March to October.

18 Best Places to visit in Neelam valley Azad Kashmir

Here, we will provide you a list of almost 15 to 18 best places to visit in Neelam valley -Azad Kashmir. Once you will visit, you will never forget it ever. 
1. Sharda Neelam valley 
2. Arrange Kel Neelam Valley
3. Toabat Neelam valley 
4. Chilhena/Titwal
5. Kutton Jagran valley 
6. Kutton waterfall

7. Keran Neelam valley 
8. Upper Neelam valley 
9. Ratti Gali Lake 
10. Chitta Khatta Lake
11. Banjosa Lake
12. Patheka 
13. Toli Peer
14. Pir Chanasi
15. Athmuqam
16. Baboon top
17. Dawarian 
18. Dhani waterfall


1. Sharda Neelam valley

Sharda Neelam valley is one of the topmost visited places of Muzaffarabad due to headquarter of Neelam District and is located almost 136 kilometers away from the main city. Sharda Neelam valley attracts thousands of tourists to its amazing location. The only thing that enhances the interest of the tourists towards Sharda Neelam valley is its historical background. Every tourist must like to talk about lush green lawns, forests as well as mountains.

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Sharda Neelam valley as a tourist spot is a hub of many hotels in Neelam valley but it also provides you great opportunities (rest guest houses) to stay in the natural beauty places. So, You can drink a cup of coffee by seeing this wonderful natural beauty. This is also one of the topmost places to visit in Neelam Valley.

  • Sharda Neelam valley includes;
  • Sharda Temple
  • Sharda university
  • Kishan Ghati
  • Hotels for rest
  • Boating services in Neelam river by Sharda hotel’s owners 

2. Arang Kel Neelam Valley

Arang Kel Neelam valley is known as the Gold village of the Neelam valley. Arang Kel Neelam valley is about 23 kilometers away from Sharda Neelam valley in Azad Kashmir. Its location is only jeep tracking and not enough facilities are available but some hotels, as well as cottages, are available at cheap rates as well.

This is one of the long ways to go to Nanga Parbat accordingly. So, You can see the Nanga Parbat mountains from there. Must visit this place whenever you visit Neelam Valley. It’s a 3hrs trek from Kel to arrange Kel but this track provides you music nearby due to the area containing wild animals.

Hospital and School operated by Pakistan Army. This is also one of the topmost places to visit in Neelam Valley.


3. Toabat Neelam valley:

The last destination and most precious tourist spot is the Toabat Neelam valley and which is about 200 kilometers from the capital Muzaffarabad. Furthermore, Toabat Neelam valley is a small village but there is an arrangement of fields and lush green vegetation around the whole village. This gives an astonishing background to its beauty. Whenever you visit Neelam valley, then you must visit Toabat Neelam valley on your journey because this is the best site to visit than all other places to visit in Neelam valley.

Writing on 18 Best Places to visit in Neelam valley Azad Kashmir. Hopefully, it will attract you to visit this site again and again. The beautiful jeeps accessed you from Kel to Toabat. There are no further
facilities to stay here but almost two hotels are available to stay in the Toabat Neelam valley. One of the impressive, as well as charming things in the Toabat Neelam valley, is the Gagai stream theme park.

Toabat Neelam valley includes:

  • Helmet
  • Sardari 
  • Phulawai
  • Janawai

4. Chilhena / Titwal

Consequently, Chilhena is a border of Azad Kashmir and Indian occupied Kashmir. In Chilhana Kashmiri colonies are located controlled by Indian Administration. In Neelam valley, it is the second tourist point. Thus, it attracts thousands of visitors per day.

5. Kutton Jagran valley

Kutton Jagran valley looks like a pearl in Neelam Valley-Azad Kashmir and is about 82 kilometers from the capital Muzaffarabad. Additionally, Kutton Jagran valley is the first spot where the tourist can make a plan to stay and breathe deeply in a healthy environment. Some various restaurants and hotels accommodate a lot of tourists.
It is located behind

  • Kutton waterfall
  • Jagran stream
  • HEB resorts

6. Kutton waterfall in Neelam Valley

Kutton waterfall is the most precious waterfall in the Neelam valley. It is the 3rd tourist spot in the Neelam valley but the actual name of this waterfall is Kundal Shahi waterfall. Its name due to Kundal shahi village in Neelam valley and you can say that its water coming
from the Kutton that’s why this is also called Kutton waterfall. Therefore, the swirling water of the stream attracts travelers to stay and take a full breath in a sound situation. Whenever you come into Neelam valley, you will be found it one of the best places to visit in Neelam valley.

7. Keran Neelam valley 

Next in my list of 18 Best Places to visit in Neelam valley Azad Kashmir. Along Neelam river side by side, Keran Neelam valley is a small village and is located 93KM away from Muzaffarabad. Moreover, It has a lot of facilities for the tourists to stay here and enjoy their lovely time. Hotels and resorts are available for tourists. A tourist hotel by AJK tourism is constructed to facilitate tourists. Tourists can book their jeeps from Keran for the Ratti Gali tour.

8. Upper Neelam valley

When we talk about the most scenic places of Neelam valley, then the first spot that comes into our mind is known as upper Neelam valley. Upper Neelam valley is about 2 kilometers from the Keran Neelam valley, offers stunning views of the valley. AJK tourism also
facilitates their tourists with small bedrooms huts. Azad Kashmir is so fun to trek and climb, therefore, travelers love to trek from Kutton Jagran to Upper Neelam to Keran Valley.

9. Ratti Gali Lake

One of the peaceful places to visit in Neelam Valley, Ratti Gali Lake is located on the blue pearl in the Neelam Valley of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. This is known as one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. This is an ice lake and almost 12,130 feet above sea level. The lake can be reached through Dowarian Town (18KM) in the Neelam valley and famous due to its precious beauty.

The unique flow of water creates a beautiful environment in its surroundings and you cannot miss any view of the magnificent lake at all. Its charming look is very mild and peaceful. This lake has an alpine glacier lake, red flowers as well as green fields all around. To facilitate the tourists, 15 kilometers jeep track is contracted by AJK tourism. All basic facilities are available for tourists including restaurants, Dhabbas as well as satellite phones for emergencies.

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10. Chitta Khatta Lake

Chitta Khatta Lake is also known as a white-water lake and this is a difficult trek for hiking. Hence, families are not recommended to visit but it is very worth seeing a place to visit.

11. Banjosa Lake

Another highly magnificent lake in the mountains of Neelam valley -Azad Kashmir is the Banjosa lake and this is so much a surprising lake. From the main city Rawalakot, this lake is at about 20 km and actually, this is an artificial lake. It is located at about 1981 meters above sea level. This is most impressive for the tourist due to the presence of the lush green pine trees/forests. Visiting the best time for this lake is the middle of the summer.

12. Patheka

Patheka is the primary tourist attraction when they enter the Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir. The town is called the commercial area of the Neelam valley, where the travelers find everything used for the day. Apart from this, there are various hotels prepared to force many tourists in the Neelam Valley. In addition to the business side of town, Patheka offers a lot of all-inclusive views of the valley. Great mountains, beautiful Neelam Valley Weather, and rich green knolls capture the holiday view. Thus, the magnificent road to Paseka, lined with tall trees, is a spectacular view too.

13. Toli Peer

In AJK Tourism, various places offer peace and tranquility to anyone. Tolipeer is one of them, a witch ridge arranged at a height of 8800feet. The heavenly world never ends with such a vast array of fascinating ideas. About 30 miles [30 km] away, or 45 minutes by car, from Rawalakot and other nearby places, so, you can see from Tolipeer Abbaspur, Bagh, and Poonch River is the highest point there.

14. Pir Chinasi

Lastly, the best place to visit in Neelam valley Azad Kashmir is the Pir Chinasi. It is the reproduced Pir Chinasi with its lush green landscape with views that cover every major mountain in the region? Pir Chinasi is a popular Tourist Spot especially for pedestrians and attracts thousands of visitors with its peace away from the big city.

The visitor appreciates the peace there when they visit the area is from mid-year to March to September. As it snows heavily in winter however the desired environment is undoubtedly involved in winter as well.

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15. Athmuqam

Athmuqam is about 73km from Muzaffarabad. It was known as the main tourist attraction where visitors could purchase traditional handicrafts. Post offices and banks are available at Athmuqam. Thus, it is the largest retail market in the Neelam valley.

16. Baboon top

The Baboon top is a green and beautiful pasture located an 8-hour drive from Upper Neelam. Thus, it can only be obtained with 4X4 jeeps. It has two main routes one from Kutton and the other from Upper Keran. The Baboon top is a beautiful as well as a peaceful tourist destination in Neelam village if you are going to visit Neelam village then you have to add the top of the Baboon to your itinerary.

17. Dawarian

This is a small town in the Neelam valley next to the Keran village. There are a lot of visiting places and resorts are present in this village. So, all tourists that are visiting Ratti Gali can pick up jeeps from Dawarian village.

18.Dhani waterfall

Dhani waterfall is the 1st tourist point in Neelam valley Azad Kashmir. Next on the list is Dhani Waterfall, about 30 kilometers from the provincial capital Muzaffarabad. It is one of the biggest waterfalls in the Neelam valley. Waterfall’s crystal-clear waters are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area, hence, attracting thousands of visitors.

March to mid-June is a great time to visit the waterfall. After March, the waterfall remains low in the July period accordingly.


18 Best Places to visit in Neelam valley Azad Kashmir ends up here. Hope it will help you get a better travel guide and then ends up with a memorable journey. Please leave a comment if you taken any benefit out of this article.

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18 Best Places to visit in Neelam valley Azad Kashmir

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