Prime Minister IK inaugurated Skardu International airport and Skardu Road

Prime Minister IK inaugurated Skardu International airport and Skardu Road

Prime Minister Imran khan successfully inaugurated jaglote-Skardu road and Skardu International Airport today December 16, 2021.

In the PM’s one-day visit to Skardu, he emphasized the people of GB to fasten their skills and prepare their plans to deal with the upcoming flow of tourists in your areas. The Skardu International Airport has made every traveler throughout the world keen to visit directly to Skardu without any hustle of transit or stays. He further added that Gilgit Baltistan can create a major economic turnout from the tourism sector more than Switzerland. he said.

Imran Khan has assured the audience at Munciple Ground Skardu and the whole people of Gilgit Baltistan to provide Health Insurance and Sehat Cards work 10 Lac rupees at any hospital (Government or Private).

New Districts of Gilgit Baltistan:

PM Imran has also announced the additional four districts that are considered remote and away from administration services. the list will be shared in the next articles.

Distance of Jaglote Skardu Road and its expenditures:

Jaglote Skardu Road has been completed with the expenditure of 31 Billion rupees and the total distance is 167 KM.

Minutes of Prime Minister Imran Khan Speech:

  • Education Reforems.
  • Scholarships for needy students.
  • New Four Districts.
  • Inaugration of Jaglote Skardu Road
  • Inaugration of Skardu Internation Airport.
  • Road Connectivity from Gilgit to shontar pass kashmir.
  • Gilgit Chitral Road
  • Tourism Development Projects.
  • Skardu City Mega Projects
  • Two Mega Dam Projects
Rosie Gabrielle Moved To Gilgit Baltistan

Rosie Gabrielle Moved To Gilgit Baltistan

Rosie Gabrielle Moved To Gilgit Baltistan. As per the post shared on her Instagram Handle, The long-anticipated wait is over! We are happy to share and announce that we have officially shifted to the north of Pakistan 🇵🇰

Neither of us is city people or “fit in” with societal “norms” and the system. We long for wide-open spaces, fresh air, peace, simple life, nature, and ADVENTURE!

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Although it was necessary for the time to be based in the city, we couldn’t wait to get out of there. After 10 long months living in Lahore, we finally made the move and shifted our entire life up here- indefinitely.

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With travel restrictions still in force around the globe making getting around too complicated, we decided to stay put for a while here in Pk. But that meant moving somewhere we both could thrive a bit better.

Looking to take the stressful pressures off ourselves, focusing more on being present, being in nature, having an adventure at our fingertips, and generally living a more simple life, this is the PERFECT place to be.

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Rosie Gabrielle Moved To Gilgit Baltistan

We have SO MANY things to share with you about living life in a small village tucked in the mountains. It truly is a DREAM come to true MASHALLAH we are so blessed 💓🙏🏼

Stay tuned for lots of amazing new content (time to work on and upload pending content) wonderful stories and epic adventures with our little family đź’“

Rosie Gabrielle Moved To Gilgit Baltistan Explore Nagar Travels-min
Rosie Gabrielle Moved To Gilgit Baltistan Explore Nagar Travels-min
Rakaposhi Peak– The 3rd Beautiful and 12th Highest Peak of Pakistan

Rakaposhi Peak– The 3rd Beautiful and 12th Highest Peak of Pakistan

Rakaposhi Peak– The 3rd Beautiful and 12th Highest Peak of Pakistan

Rakaposhi Peak 7788m: The 3rd beautiful, world’s 27th highest, and Pakistan’s  12th highest peak. The reason for its fame is not because of its ranking but its beauty. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Rakaposhi Peak is the only peak that can be viewed from bottom to top with its extremely incredible flowing streams.

Breathtaking Rakaposhi Zero Point Nagar:

There are many points to take the breathtaking glimpse of Rakaposhi. But particularly when you moving on Karakorum highway in District Nagar Region. You may have hundreds of different enchanting views while crossing different villages of Nagar valley. Moreover, note that Rakaposhi can only be accessible from Nagar Valley and also can be clearly viewed from Rakaposhi View Point Nagar.

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 Rakaposhi Glancing from other regions:

Rakaposhi Peak can be seen from different regions of Gilgit. You may have a glance at Bagrot Valley Gilgit. It can also be seen from some points of danyore Gilgit and you may also have a clear upper view from karimabad hunza. But majorly Nagar Valley is its feed and can be accessed and seen from different points of Nagar even from bottom to top. i.e. Nilt Valley, Thole Valley, Qasimabad Masot Valley, Ghulmet Valley, Pissan, and Minapin Valley.

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Surprising Rakaposhi in Karakorum Mountain Ranges:

The long spread ice wall of Rakaposhi in the Karakorum mountain ranges, this peak is its kind of the only peak that has an astounding ice wall that creates uniqueness with other mountains and that is why it is considered the third beautiful peak after K2 and Nanga Parbat Peak. Rakaposhi Peak – The 3rd Beautiful and 12th Highest Peak of Pakistan but has a prominent profile for having 27th rank worldwide.

Captured By SR_Haical

Other Names of Rakaposhi Peak Nagar:

Rakaposhi Peak is previously named Rakaposhi then it is molded into Rakaposhi which locally means “Shining Wall”. Furthermore, Rakaposhi is known and Dumani “The Mother of Mist”. It is called because of, covering in cloud during the whole year in most of the time.

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Rakaposhi Peak Summits & Expeditions:

There are many successful and unsuccessful attempts done during 1892-2004. However, the first successful summit was done in 1958 by British Climbers.

Successful Summits of Rakaposhi Peak Nagar:

The first successful summit of Rakaposhi Peak (7788m) was done by members of a British expedition Mr. Mike banks and Mr. Tom Patey in 1958. This ascent was achieved from Southwest Ridge. Remember that both of them got minor injuries during ascent on 25 June 1958. But sadly on their descent another climber slipped and died at night time.

Best Time to Climb Rakaposhi Peak:

The best and favorable time to climb the 3rd beautiful Rakaposhi peak is from June to September. Where everything acts moderately where you will enjoy the green and lush meadows as well during your ascent with local foods and seasonal fruits.

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Possible Routes to climb Rakaposhi Peak:

There were multiple climbing’s done from different ridges routes during the period between 1982 to 2004 but now 2021 is going to add in few days. Below are the possible and used routes that can be selected for your summit pushes.

  • Southwest Ridge: Long route but not that technical
  • Eastern Side, that is shortest route.
  • Northwest Ridge: This route is long and technical than Southwest ridge.
  • Northern Ridge: This route is short but more difficult than above two routes.
Captured By SR_Haical

Latest New Route identified to Climb Rakaposhi Peak:

Yes, after 2004 there was no attempt made to summit Rakaposhi Peak. But in September 2021. The energetic and well enthusiast young climber from Nagar Valley Mr. Wajidullah has started his summit push to Rakaposhi Peak this weak and he is on his way to the summit from Basecamp 1.

As per his last comments, he together with his Czech Fellow Climbers (Mr. Jakub and Mr. Petr )  has started a summit push with a new brand route that would help them to make a successful attempt after years of break.

Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek and New Route to Climb Rakaposhi Peak:

Due to the extreme uphill and exceptional rise of Rakaposhi peak up to 16000 feet. It is most difficult and different wall than other peaks like K2 and Everest. That is why it has rarely opted for the summit in the past. Now a brave local climber Wajidullah Nagari has started with some foreign climbers to push from Nagar side and most importantly this time the route would be brand new.

If they succeed in this mega climb, they will make the historical attempt and this would bring more attention to worldwide climbers to summit this beautiful ice wall (Rakaposhi Peak).

Captured By SR_Haical

Rakaposhi Basecamp Minapin Nagar Vlog:

North is Pure Keep it clean or stay home – Vlogger Rosie Gabrielle

North is Pure Keep it clean or stay home – Vlogger Rosie Gabrielle

By raising local tourism in northern areas of Pakistan, there is rising problems that need to be handled before it left a severe impact on lands or cultures.

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As per the Instagram post by Rosie Gabrielle, she said as tourism to outside countries is not happening due to covid19 and hence this is why people and traveling to northern areas Hunza, Nagar, Skardu, diamer, Gilgit, naltar or haramosh regions.

She also spoke up on the dance party lately happened in gojal village of Hunza, She advised, instead of bringing back you just smile they are introducing new cultures thereby bringing drugs, vulgarity, rave parties and on top of that leaving a lot of trash.

Do not Disrespect land and local cultures:

She has also shared her experience during her traveling to the north. She has been escaped for many weeks due to the bad behaviors of tourists. I (she) can understand people have the right to express but if they coming to these lands how they feel confident to affect the cultures or lands or even putting harmful activities by bringing their toxic habits in such a pure and innocents land.

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She has superbly addressed travellers that on introducing such behaviours and launching such activities not only destroying culture but demolishing lands by trash and doing disrespect of this motherland.

Responsibilities of Tourist during Travel:

This is very much important to give value to the local cultures, local norms, and values. Try to give knowledge and share your skills with them in return they will honor you with great hospitality and respect. North is Pure Keep it clean or stay home

North is Pure Keep it clean or stay home - Vlogger Rosie Gabrielle  pinterest
North is Pure Keep it clean or stay home – Vlogger Rosie Gabrielle pinterest
Complete List of Mountains in Pakistan and their Ranking

Complete List of Mountains in Pakistan and their Ranking

Pakistan is thankfully a home of 108 peaks above 7,000 m. Here in this article, I will share the facts about the complete list of mountains in Pakistan and their ranking globally and in Pakistan. Probably there are many peaks above 6,000 m. Peaks between 4000 m to 7000 m have not been counted. 5 (Five ) of the 14 (Fourteen) 8000s highest peaks in the world (the eight-thousanders) are located in Pakistan.

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List of Mountain Ranges in Pakistan:

There are three mountain ranges in pakistan.

  1. Karakuram Mountain Range
  2. Himalaya Mountain Range
  3. Hindukuch Mountain Range

There are 5 mountains over 8,000 metres in Pakistan, 29 over 7,500 metres and 108 over 7,000 metres. However, the Peaks height lies between 4,000 metres to 7,000 metres are countless.

How many mountains in Pakistan especially mountains in Gilgit Baltistan?

However, four of which lie in the surroundings of Concordia, the junction of Godwin Austen Glacier and Baltoro Glacier). Fact about these globally ranked mountains are: Most of the highest peaks located in Pakistan lie in the Karakoram mountain range and which lies almost entirely in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan and is considered to be a part of the greater Himalayan range) but some peaks above 7,000 m are included in the Hindukush and Himalayan mountain ranges.

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There are still unnamed peaks in Pakistan but most of the peaks have been given a proper name. So this list is still incomplete due to the unnamed peaks. The list also includes many other peaks that are still not classed as independent mountains, but instead are considered subpeaks of other mountains, due to having low topographic prominence.

The dominance of Karakoram Mountain Range in Gilgit Baltistan:

Considering the fact, most of the highest mountains from three famous ranges in Pakistan are located in the Karakoram Range, the highest of which is K2, globally ranked on the 2nd position, and its height from sea level is 8611 m, so there are some high mountains located in Himalaya (the highest of the mountain is Nanga Parbat, which is globally ranked on 9th position, its height from sea level is 8126 m) While in Hindukush mountain range (the highest mountain of which is Tirich Mir, that is globally ranked on 33rd position while its height from sea level is 7708 m).

List of Mountains in Pakistan and their Ranking:

Mountain NameHeight Rank in PakstanGlobal RankRangeAreaDistrict
K2 – Chogori8,611 m12ndKarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Nanga Parbat8,125 m29thHimalayasDiamerDiamer
Hidden Peak -Gasherbrum . I8,068 m311thKarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Broad Peak – Falchan Kangri8,047 m412thKarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Gasherbrum . II8,035 m513thKarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Broad Peak Middle8,016 m6KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Gasherbrum . III7,952 m7KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Gasherbrum .lV7,925 m817thKarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Distaghil Sar 17,885 m919thKarakoramHisparNagar
Kunyang Chhish7,852 m10KarakoramHisparNagar
Masherbrum NE – K17,821 m1122ndKarakoramBagrotGilgit
Masherbrum7,806 m12KarakoramBagrotGilgit
Rakaposhi7,788 m1327thKarakoramMinapinNagar
Batura . I7,785 m1425thKarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Batura II7,762 m15KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Distaghil Sar . II7,760 m16KarakoramHisparNagar
Kanjut Sar . I7,760 m1726thKarakoramHisparNagar
Masherbrum W7,750 m18KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Saltoro Kangri . I7,742 m19KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
Batura No. II7,730 m20KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Batura III7,729 m21KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Trivor / Peak . 87,720 m22KarakoramHisparNagar
Main Tirich Mir7,708 m23HindukushHindukushChitral
Saltoro Kangri II7,706 m24KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
Chhaltoro Gang R1 N7,705 m25KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
Distaghil Sar (E)7,700 m26KarakoramHisparNagar
Tirich Mir (East)7,692 m27HindukushHindukushChitral
Saser Kangri I7,672 m28KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Chogolisa . I SW/E7,665 m29KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Chogolisa . II/NE7,654 m30KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Yukshin Garden Sar7,641 m31KarakoramHisparNagar
Kunyang Chhich(S)7,620 m32KarakoramHisparNagar
Shispare7,611 m33KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Batura IV7,594 m34KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Broad Peak (N)7,550 m35KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Skyang Kangri .I7,544 m36KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Batura V7,531 m37KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Yakshin Gardaan . I7,53038KarakoramHisparNagar
Mamostong Kangri7,51639KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
Saser Kangri E7,51340KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Tirich Mir (West II)7,50041HindukushHindukushChitral
Skyang Kangri . II7,50042KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Kunyang Chhish (W)7,50043KarakoramHisparNagar
Saser Kangri II W7,50044KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Saser kangri III7,49544KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Pumari Chhish (W)7,49245KarakoramHisparNagar
Tirich Mir (West I)7,48746HindukushHindukushChitral
Pasu Massive M7,47847KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Teram kangri 17,46349KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Malubiting (W)_7,45350KarakoramHaramoshGilgit
Muchu Chhish7,45351KarakoramHisparNagar
Pumari Chhish (N)7,44052KarakoramHisparNagar
Yazghil Dome (S)7,44053KarakoramHisparNagar
Sia Kangri I / N7,42254KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Haramosh . I7,40955KarakoramHaramoshGilgit
Teram Kangri II7,40656KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Istro-Nal (Main)7,40357HindukushHindukushChitral
Tirich Mir (West III)7,40058HindukushHindukushChitral
Kunyang Chhish (E)7,40059KarakoramHisparNagar
Pumari Chhish (S)7,40060KarakoramHisparNagar
Yazghil Dome (N)7,40061KarakoramHisparNagar
Ultar No. I7,38862KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Rimo (S) No. I Peak 517,38563KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Teram Kangri III7,38264KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Sherpi Kangri I Main7,38065KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
Istro-Nal (North I)7,37366HindukushSoltoroGaunche
Rimo (S) . II P-507,37367KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Istro-Nal (North II)7,37268HindukushHindukushChitral
Sherpi Kangri . II7,37069KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
Istro-Nal (North III)7,36570HindukushHindukushChitral
Skil Brum7,36071KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Skyang Kangri M7,35772KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Karun Kuh7,35073KarakoramHisparNagar
Kunyang Chhish W7,35074KarakoramHisparNagar
Pumari Chhish S7,35075KarakoramHisparNagar
Saragharar (Main)7,34976HindukushHindukushChitral
Skyang Kangri W7,34577KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Momhil Sar / Peak – 77,34378KarakoramHisparNagar
Ghent (N)7,34279KarakoramBatura MuztaghGilgit
Saraghrar (Central)7,33080HindukushHindukushChitral
Yutmaru Sar (S)7,33081KarakoramHisparNagar
Bojohagur Duanasir7,32982KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Sia Kangri II/E7,32583KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Yazghil Domes S7,32484KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Gasherbrum No. V7,32185KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Kunyang Chhish (SE)7,32086KarakoramHisparNagar
Baltoro Kangri . I7,31289KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Ultar No. II7,31090KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Saragharar (S)7,30791HindukushHindukushChitral
Istro-Nal (South)7,30392HindukushHindukushChitral
Saraghrar (NW)7,30093HindukushHindukushChitral
Istro-Nal (West I)7,30094HindukushHindukushChitral
Urdok . I7,30095KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Baltoro Kangri . III7,30096KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Malubiting (NW)7,30097KarakoramHaramoshGilgit
Yazghil Domes N7,30098KarakoramHisparNagar
Sherpi Kangri . III7,30099KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Teram kangri IV7,300100KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Malubiting Central7,291101KarakoramHaramoshGilgit
Rakapohsi (E)7,290102KarakoramBagrotGilgit
Savoia Kangri7,286103KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Baintha Brakk/Ogre7,285104KarakoramPanmahSkardu
Passu/Peak . 557,284105KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Pasu Massiv E7,284106KarakoramBatura MuztaghGilgit
K-67,282107KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Istro-Nal (West II)7,280108HindukushHindukushChitral
Baltoro Kangri . III7,280109KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Istro-Nal (Northwest)7,276110HindukushHindukushChitral
Golden Throne SE7,275111KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Diran / Minapin7,273112KarakoramMinapinNagar
Mustagh Tower (E)7,273113KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Sia Kangri No. IV/Central7,273114KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Mustagh Tower (W)7,270115KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Golden Throne NE7,270116KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Golden Throne SE7,265117KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Baltoro kangri . V7,260119KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Baltoro Kangri . IV7,254120KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Saraghrar (SW-I)7,250121HindukushHindukushChitral
Apsarasas-17,245122KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Apsarasas II7,239123KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Apsarasas III E7,236124KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Rimo No. II P-497,233125KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Apsarasas IV7,227126KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Saraghrar (SE-I)7,208127HindukushHindukushChitral
Mt. Rose/Singhi Kan7,202128KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Saraghrar (SW-II)7,200129HindukushHindukushChitral
Istro-Nal (X)7,200130HindukushHindukushChitral
Urdok Kangri I7,200131KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Malubiting LC7,200132KarakoramHaramoshGilgit
Bularang Sar7,200133KarakoramHisparNagar
Lupghar Sar (E)7,200134KarakoramHisparNagar
Lugpahur Sar MD7,200135KarakoramHisparNagar
Apsarasas V7,187136KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Apsarasas III E7,184137KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Apsarasas III W7,181138KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Mustagh Tower (NW)7,180139KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Rimo No. III7,169140KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Kampir Dior7,168141KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Karun Koh7,164142KarakoramKhunjerabHunza
Hachindar Chish7,163143KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Yermanenbu Kangri7,163144KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Un-Named/Masherbrum7,163145KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Depak7,150147KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Latok . I7,145148KarakoramPanmahSkardu
Kampir Dior7,143149KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Gasherbrum V7,133150KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Shakawar 7,125151HindukushHindukushChitral
Apsarasas (S)7,117152KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Koh-I-Nadir Shah7,116153HindukushHindukushChitral
Udren Zom (N)7,108154HindukushHindukushChitral
Kunyang Chhish (N)7,108155KarakoramHisparNagar
Langar (Main)7,100156HindukushHindukushChitral
Saraghrar (SS)7,100157HindukushHindukushChitral
Ghenta7,100158KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Sia shish7,100159KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
Lupghar II / Central7,100160KarakoramHisparNagar
Yakshin Gardaan . I7,100161KarakoramHisparNagar
Sherpi Kangri7,100162KarakoramSiachen (disputedGaunche
Ghenta7,090163KarakoramBatura MuztaghChitral
Urdok No. II7,082164KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Mandu Pk7,081165KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Udren Zom (Central)7,080166HindukushHindukushChitral
Chogolisa Kangri I7,071167KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Langar (SE)7,061168HindukushHindukushChitral
Udren Zom (S)7,050170HindukushHindukushChitral
Link Sar7,041171KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Saraghrar (N)7,040172HindukushHindukushChitral
Spantik/Ghenish Chish7,027173KarakoramHaramoshSkardu
Akber Chioh/Akher7,020174HindukushHindukushChitral
Chogolisa Kangri II7,014175KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Rakaposhi (E)7,010176KarakoramMinapin NagarNagar
Malubiting (E)7,010177KarakoramHaramoshGilgit
Gasherbrum . VI7,004178KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
Sangemer Mar7,000179KarakoramBatura MuztaghGilgit
Lupghar Sar III (E)7,000181KarakoramHisparNagar
Chogolisa(W)/Prupoo7,000182KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Ghent III7,000183KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Kaberi Peak7,000184KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Apsarasas(E)/Un-Named7,000185KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
Complete List of Mountains in Pakistan and their Ranking
Beautiful places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

Beautiful places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

Beautiful places to Visit in Hunza: Explore the Beauty of Pakistan

Why do they call Hunza Valley, the refresher to your heart and soul? The reasons are here.

Beautiful places to Visit in Hunza: Gilgit Baltistan or The Northern areas is the fifth province of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, known for its beautiful valleys, the world’s longest glaciers, and mighty mountains. Places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan, Gilgit Baltistan has been divided into three divisions, Baltistan, Gilgit, and Diamer. The home of five eight-thousanders and have fifty peaks higher than 7,000 meters. The traces of 2000 BC civilization was founded in Gilgit Baltistan rock carvings on mountains in form of different sculptures of Buddha.

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In my list of places to visit in hunza, let me introduce short history and then will jump into things to do in Hunza Valley . The region of Gilgit Baltistan was the part of great Tibetan Empire in 780 CE. Islam was entered in the Gilgit region via Muslims Sufis from Central Asia and Persia. Gilgit Baltistan contained the world’s highest mountain ranges, the great Karakoram and the western Himalayas.

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The K2 and Nanga Parbat are the most dreaded mountains in the world. Due to its beautiful high-altitude lakes, mighty mountains, and beautiful landscape, Gilgit Baltistan is a dreamland for tourists around the globe. For tourism, the Hunza Valley of Gilgit Baltistan is a suitable location in any season. There are many famous places to visit in Hunza.

Places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

 places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan
Places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

The valley of panoramic beauty with fertile lands and historical mass migrations and over centuries traditional tastes, Valley of Hunza is one of the famous tourist spots in the world. When you travel to gilgit city, you will first experience the beautifull villages of Nagar Valley. You will also love to stay at Rakaposhi View Point Ghumet Nagar. And this chain of villages in nagar spreaded ahread even it goes opposite to hunza as well.

This valley has three regions, The upper Hunza or Gojal, The central Hunza or Hunza Valley, and the lower Hunza or Shinkai. This mountainous valley is located in the northern region of Gilgit Baltistan. Buddhism was the main religion in this area before the arrival of Islam. In the 15th century, this Valley was a central trading route from the subcontinent to Central Asia and played a significant role in the spread of Buddhism around the world. Even today many works of graffiti in the ancient Brahmi script by Buddhist monks are present on mountains as the mark of their worship and Culture. The local languages in Huzan valley are Burushaski, Shina, and Wakhi.  The literacy rate in Hunza valley is more than 95 percent. The local handicrafts, music, dances, cuisine, festivals, and traditional celebrations of Hunza are famous in the whole world. 

Famous places to visit in Hunza

The paradise on earth Hunza valley have many beautiful places to visit. From the mighty Rakaposhi Peak to Eagel Nest Duiker, Hunza is the land of mystic beauty which can give you a chance to explore new horizons. In below you can find details to the places to visit in Hunza.

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Karimabad also called Baltit, is the capital of Hunza valley, famous because of Royal family houses. The construction of the village consists of stones. The best time to visit Karimabad is April to October. Karimabad is located on the west bank of Hunza River which is a stopping place for tourists for centuries. The remarkable landmarks of Karimabad are Baltit Fort, Queen Victoria Monument, Channel walk, and the Glacier of Ulter Nala.

Passu Cones

Passu cones - places to visit in hunza valley
Passu cones – places to visit in hunza valley

Passu cones are pointed peaks located in Passu village of Hunza Valley. These cones are very near to the Passu glacier, which is the seventh-longest Non-Polar glacier. Known for easy hiking and having a shape like cones gave them the name of  Passu Cones.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge

Hussaini Hanging Bridge is world’s most dangerous rope bridge. Hanging over the Borit Lake in the upper Hunza, the condition of bridge is really poor due to lack of attention from local authorities. But  Hussaini Hanging Bridge is still attraction for tourists and hikers across the world.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge – Places to visit in hunza valley gilgit baltistan

Baltit Fort

Baltit fort was built  700 years ago, the Mirs of Hunza abandoned this fort in 1996. In my list of places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan, baltit fort has its own presence and travelers recommendation. Due to ignorance of authorities, the fort’s structure began to deteriorate, but in 1990 His Highness Aga Khan IV initiated the renovation and restored it to its majestic glory. 

baltit  Fort Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan
Baltit Fort Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan

Altit Fort

Located in Altit town, Altit fort is the most ancient fort of the Hunza valley. The white Huns from the army of Alexander the Great started a human settlement in Altit. It was the first original home of Mirs of Hunza. Three centuries later, they moved to Baltit fort. The Altit Fort is about 1100 years old and it is the oldest historical monument in Gilgit Baltistan. UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation was given to Altit fort in 2011. Due to negligence Altit Fort was in the worst condition but restored by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture Historic Cities Support Programme in 2007.

Altit Fort Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan
Altit Fort Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan

Attabad Lake

Attabad lake was created on January 4th,2010 as a result of the Attabad Disaster. As a result of massive land, sliding blocked the flow of Hunza River for five months as result Attabad lake formed. Attabad Lake is famous for its turquoise blue water and spell-bound beauty. This lake is also ranked in the top lakes of Pakistan because of its beauty and exceptional charms. This picturisque areas is top rated as per visitors in my bucket list of Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan.

attabad Lake Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan
Attabad Lake Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan

Sost Border

The last village of Hunza is Sost, next to the Chinese border. Sost village is important because of cargo transport and border crossing traffic. The highest Mountain pass in the Karakorum mountain range, the Khunjerrab Pass is located in Sost. Sost Border is a symbol of Pak-China friendship. This village is also a habitat for rare snow leopards.

Eagle Nest Duikar

Another point in my list of best places to visit in hunza is awesome and dramatic if it comes to the ariel and bird eye view of Hunza and on its opposite Nagar Valley. Duiker is a small village, and Eagles nest Hotel is located on Duikar Viewpoint in Valley of Hunza and it’s about 10000 feet high above sea level. From this viewpoint, you can get panoramic views of Rakaposhi, Golden Peak, and other mountains.

Eagle Nest Duikar  Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan
Eagle Nest Duikar Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan

The Hotels in Hunza Valley to stay

Anytime you visit a place you want the guest house and hotel rooms feel like home. In Hunza Valley few hotels offering luxurious rooms at the price of another hostel standard room. Few hotels offer premium services to their guests.

Hunza Serena Inn is the best 4-star hotel located in Karimabad, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. The 4- Star rooms with beautiful views of Hunza Valley provide you the comfort of home.

Hunza Darbar hotel is another luxurious hotel located in Karimabad. The hotel has 40 rooms with 3-start facilities.

Hunza Hilltop Hotel Karimabad is another three-star hotel with a quality food supply and clean comfortable rooms at a reasonable price.

Hunza Embassy offers a view of magnificent Rakaposhi. They offer quality food and 3-star facilities. While Hunza View Hotel is a 2-star hotel, it is a very good hotel if you have less budget to spend on living.

The people of Hunza

With beautiful Greenish Blue eye color , people of Hunza are famous for their natural beauty and average age of 100.

People from different races and cultures lived in Hunza Valley, the natives of this area are known as Burusho or Brushi also known as Botraj. The Burusho people are keen lovers of music and dance. As Hunza is located at a very high altitude, so people of Hunza are isolated from the rest of the world. This isolation and utopian environment made them a mysterious subject for study.

The friendly and most hospitable People of Hunza are closely attached to their traditional living style as some of the villages are more than 100 years old. According to some researches, the People of Hunza are the happiest clan on the earth. Their daily exercise and simple lifestyle keep them strong and healthy. The elderly population is fit, full of life, and free from diseases.

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Famous Cuisine of Hunza

The reason behind health and long lives of Hunza people is their healthy and hygienic diet.

Once you love and wish to visit hunza valley after reading my travel guide on Places to visit in hunza valley. Here are some of its famous cuisine of hunza that you get worth your visit there. The people of Hunza have a variety of local cuisine. Their cuisines are famous around the world for their mouth-watering aroma and delicious taste.

The region of Gilgit Baltistan is full of real natural flavored foods and hygienic ways of cooking.  There are too many delicious cuisines that are famous around the world and these cuisines are trademark of Hunza valley. Some of the traditional cuisines are mentioned here.


Chopshuro is one of the favorite cuisines of Hunza Valley. It’s like a center-filled pizza. The bread stuffed with mince is cooked in onions, tomatoes, and other spices and baked in a specific tandoor oven. If you ever visit Hunza valley don’t forget to try delicious Chopshuro. You will get this real taste at Chapshuro Food Street Thole Nala.

Chapshuro - Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan
Chapshuro – Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan


Harissa is a delicious combination of rice, meat, wheat, and spices. it always cooked in special mud pots. This dish is for special occasions like weddings, work celebrations, etc.

Harissa Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan
Harissa Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan


Shopan is another tasty dish of Hunza valley, specifically prepared at the event of Nasalo. Mince along with flour and spices marinated in vinegar or lemon juice and cooked in form of meatballs covered with doh.

shopan  Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan
Shopan Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan

Hoi Lo Garma

Hoi Lo Garma or Garma is another delicious dish of Hunza Valley. The key ingredients of this dish are mustard grains and bread, served with the traditional salad of Gilgit Baltistan.

hoi Lo Garma Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan
hoi Lo Garma Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakistan

Go-Lee/ Giyaling

Go-Lee is also known as Giyaling is an essential part of normal or traditional breakfast in Hunza Valley. This is made of whole wheat flour and butter. It is closely related to the event of Ginani which is the celebration of wheat harvesting in the month of May.

Go-Lee/ Giyaling Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakista
Go-Lee/ Giyaling Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakista

The Hunza water

Hunza water is the name given to local wines prepared from grapes, mulberries, apples, and apricots by the local people of Hunza. The best time for making Hunza water is autumn and local people also called this a survival aid for winters. 

Once in life, you have to visit the places of Hunza valley. It will help you to expand your mental and aesthetic abilities to understand the world.

Hunza water Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakista
Hunza water Places to visit in hunza gilgit baltistan pakista

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