is pakistan open for tourists

Is tourism open for tourists? Pakistan Tourism Updates 2021

As most of the travel and tour agencies have started campaigns for trips & tours in Pakistan. But the question is, is tourism open for tourists? As 16 may 2021 was considered for the last day of the ban in all domains. But it has been come across from the National Command and Operation Centre NCOC tweet that the tourism sector is still on the band until further notice.

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“Is tourism open for tourists? Pakistan Tourism Updates 2021”

This decision has made a lot of problems. The travel and tourism industry has got a lot of reservations, especially for northern areas. But now Pakistan Tourism Updates 2021 is, it has been canceled or postponed till further notice.

How long this ban on tourism continues?

As per the latest tweet, ban will be called off untill further notice. So there are no clues for its opening.

There are even no expected dates for tourism opening. Tour operators in the whole country become so much frustrated for its closure till unknown dates.

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Lockdown for the normal person only!

Lockdown is just applied to normal people only. The authorities and bureaucrats are free to entertain their friends and relatives particularly in those areas where strict lockdown has been implemented on normal people. This is not the security for the public from covid19 this is a brutal killing of the public who are earning on daily wages.

They are badly suffering and left no way to survive, to play a handful rule for their families.

Pakistan travel restrictions 2021:

Travel Restrictions in pakistan is still undergoing. It will be informed by the authorities soon.

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