Blossom Season in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

Blossom Season in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

Blossom season in Gilgit Baltistan is one of the most spectacular sights to see. Blossom season in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan brings with it an explosion of colors that decorate the mountains and valleys of the region with splashes of pink, white and yellow shades. The blossom season starts from the first week of April and ends by the mid of April (depends on altitude). During this time thousands of tourists visit Gilgit Baltistan to enjoy the beautiful sights and sensations this season brings along with it. The best places to see blossoms are the valleys of Nagar, Yasin, Chitral, Skardu, and Deosai National Park.

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Blossom Season in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan:

Blossom season in Gilgit Baltistan – As the four seasons in Pakistan particularly in Gilgit Baltistan is famous in tourists. It is the beauty of nature full of colors, scents, and romance. Cherry blossoms signals the end of chilly winter weather in Hunza and Nagar valley. The blossom season starts from the first week of April and ends by the mid of April (depends on altitude). The blooming of cherry blossoms brings many tourists from around the world to Gilgit Baltistan to experience this amazing phenomenon. Rush Lake, Kacheli Lake, and Lulusar Lake during blossom season have an amazing scenic beauty that attracts tourists from across Pakistan and beyond its borders as well.

Blossom Season in Hunza:

The Blossom season starts from the first week of April and ends by mid of April. Hunza is a semi-autonomous region located at the extreme north of Pakistan. Hunza has two main valleys, Gojal and Karimabad. Both of these valleys are popular with tourists because they have a typical alpine landscape with jagged peaks and picturesque landscapes as well as villages surrounded by huge mountains.

Cherry Blossom Season in Hunza :

Cherry blossom season is full on peak in Hunza and Nagar. You will have a very broaden view from the top of eagle nest. The options are very much to explore the spring blossom season in hunza valley. The village side of karimabad, gulmit and gojal are very famous to see the blossom beauty very close. Just like the packed trees of blossom in Minapin, hopper and nagar khas you will have same vibe for the day tour near hunza.

In Nagar valley, Gilgit blossom starts its journey from the first week of April and ends by mid-April. Due to harsh climatic conditions, these flowers only bloom for three weeks (around 20 days). The climate varies from place to place depending on altitude. The temperature ranges from 0–15 degrees Celsius which makes it difficult for flowers to grow or flower.

How to Go to Hunza?

Blossom Season in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan, Hunza is a mountainous valley that lies between two glaciers: Ultar (Western) and Khunjerab (Eastern). The Valley of Hunza is blessed with beautiful surroundings and scenic landscapes, which attracts thousands of tourists each year. There are three roads to Hunza Valley which connect to other parts of Pakistan. When you travel by road to Hunza it takes around 13–15 hours to drive from Islamabad.

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The Karakoram Highway (KKH) is a two-lane highway that runs along mountain ridges through Gilgit-Baltistan and over Khunjerab Pass to Kashgar, China. The Karakoram Highway connects Pakistan with China and is one of few roads between them, crossing over into Xinjiang in China. The M1 or N-35 National Highway connects Islamabad to Rawalpindi and Lahore. Lastly, KKH goes through Skardu via Shigar Valley while M1/N35 traverses Thakot-Mansehra Road which connects to Mansehra & Abbottabad.
This beautiful mountainous region offers unlimited possibilities for adventure travelers who are fond of trekking, mountaineering, and fishing activities.

Blossom Season in Skardu:

Skardu is also a hub for many mountains activities like skiing, snowshoeing, and trekking. The temperature stays almost constant throughout the year with only slight winter frost at night. Skardu has lush green trees and flowers bloom during the spring season. Blossom Season in Gilgit Baltistan starts from the first week of April and ends by mid of April (depending on altitude). The most popular blossom sights in Baltistan are basho valley, shigar valley, Kachura Lake, Khaplu Town, Mashabrum Valley, etc.

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Blossom Season in Nagar:

Blossom season is not only limited to Hunza and Chitral but also to Nagar valley. At a higher altitude of 4,200 meters or 12,600 feet, it is a beautiful place. If you visit Nagar valley during the blossom season you can also get a chance to capture views of the famous Minapin Village, Hopper Village, Asqurdas, Chalt Village through your lens.
Depending on weather conditions Nagar could experience its best blossom in April as well. The best time to visit Nagar Valley during the blossom season is from the last week of March till the middle of April (April 1–14). Local people call it Nouroz meaning New day makes the sound very attractive for tourists worldwide with beautiful flowers and charming sceneries such as glaciers and mountains behind them.

Blossom Season in Ghizer Blossom

The small stretch of Gilgit Baltistan from Ghizer valley to Skardu blossom is full of orchards and cherry trees. Ghizer valley remains at a temperature above -4 degrees centigrade for about 2–3 months every year which is enough to awaken everything out of its winter slumber. The main attraction, however, lies with orchards of Almond trees (not to be confused with almonds) which bloom even before any other tree does; giving rise to blooming festivities that continue for almost a month long.

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According to a legend, Ghizer blossoms were first spotted by a Hindu sage named Jilani. When he was traveling through lands of Ghizer on his journey back to India, he saw these vibrant flowers with his bare eyes and fell so much in love with them that he asked his fellow travelers to stop. Then, according to local lore, Jilani took a handful of blossoms from trees and gave them water with his own hands before planting those very same flowers where they could grow more easily. No one knows whether it is true or not but what is sure is that these beautiful flowers are named after him as Jilanni Blossoms.

Blossom Season Photography Tips:

Blossom Season in Gilgit Baltistan, which falls around April time, is the best and great time to capture some of your favorite places around Nagar, Hunza, and Skardu in bloom. Local tour operators can organize village and horse-riding tours if you’re interested – otherwise, it’s easy enough to find some great spots by driving yourself! Look for Cherry Blossom groves on your way up to Altit and opposite Hopper Valley Nagar.
be sure to stop at Rakaposhi View Point and enjoy some stunning views across Mt. Rakaposhi!

Book your trips to Northern Areas with Explore Nagar Tours And Travels Pvt Ltd.

One of my favorite places to capture Blossom is from Top of Hopper Valley Nagar, Karimabad region, a picturesque village on a hill above Nagar, where you can get some beautiful shots of your hosts’ houses among cherry blossom trees.

Reasons To Visit Northern Areas Pakistan During Blossom Season:

The birth of spring is an occasion to celebrate, especially when it manifests itself so extravagantly as it does with cherry blossoms. Throughout Asia, cherry blossoms are considered a harbinger of good fortune, and many traditions revolve around their blooming season. The scenic beauty of the Northern Areas of Pakistan is breathtaking during the blossom season. There are many places where these beautiful trees can be found.
Here are some of the top places to see blossom trees during their season: Kalash Valleys, Hunza Valley, Nagar Valley and Skardu Valley. Northern Areas of Pakistan have something for everyone!

From extreme sports to historical sites, beautiful people, and unique culture, north Pakistan has it all. If you want a chance to visit one of Pakistan’s most popular destinations during its peak season (i.e., without summer tourists), April is your best bet. The summer crowds haven’t yet arrived, but they will soon enough!


By the wrapping of “Blossom Season in Gilgit Baltistan”. During Nagar Blossom, Hunza Blossom, and Skardu blossom, there is full of excitement and celebrations because of the colorful flowers in Hunza, Nagar, Ghizer & Skardu. People usually get together to have fun and meet old friends. Hunza is one of the most beautiful valleys and has magnificent views of high mountains, glaciers as well as lovely small lakes. If you are interested to enjoy Cherry Blossom Festival in Gilgit Baltistan You may contact on below details.

Blossom Hunza Valley Tourism:

The best time to visit Hunza valley to explore the blossom season in Hunza. From 21st March to onward. April is blossom peak day. You may find the most interesting and mesmerizing colored flowers on the tree.

My Blossom Season Travel Vlog:

Blossom Season Vlog
All About About Gilgit Baltistan – Travel Northern Pakistan Guide 2022

All About About Gilgit Baltistan – Travel Northern Pakistan Guide 2022

All About Gilgit Baltistan

All About Gilgit Baltistan – Travel Northern Pakistan Guide 2022  is the home to more than 20 peaks over 6,100m where K-2 is the second-highest mountain in the universe. Gilgit Baltistan, the gateway to the world eight thousand’s mountain peaks. Where Karakoram, Hindukush, and Himalayas meet and form the world’s highest mountains. Areas where you find people speaking Brushoski, Shina, Balti, Wakhi, and Khowar.

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The level of adventure that you find nowhere. Hospitality has no limits. Visiting Gilgit Baltistan gives you a lifetime adventure and memories of diversified cultures, Landscapes, Peaks, Pastures, Glaciers, archaeological sites, and many many more.

Travel Gilgit Baltistan:

To visit village sides, see the beauty of Gilgit Baltistan. June, July August would be suitable. But be more crowded because locals, Pakistani and foreign tourists out for travel to enjoy the extreme essence of beauty.

In this article “All About Gilgit Baltistan – Travel Northern Pakistan Guide 2022” If you wish to travel with less crowd then October and November will be the most beautiful, colorful because it is fall season in these months.

 Important Information To Know about gilgit baltistan:

  • Worlds Most Famous Mountain Ranges
  • 5100 Glaciers.
  • 119 Lakes.
  • The Himalayas, Karakorum and Hindukush.
  • K2 World’s Second Highest Peak.
  • Five over 8000 Meters Peaks.
  • 101 Peaks over 7000 Meters.
  • 2200 SMs of Snow Covered Area.
  • 4 National Parks
  • 09 Game Reserves
  • 3 wildlife sanctuaries
  • 230 species of Birds
  • 54 Species of mammals
  • 20 species of fresh water fish
  • 23 species of reptiles
  • 6 of amphibians
  • 6592 Sq. KM of Forests Which 9 percent of the total area.

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Gilgit Baltistan area

Gilgit Baltistan is covered in an area of 28,174 square miles which is a mountainous region. It has 14 districts divided into three regions. The languages have been spoken as mentioned above.

Out of 14 districts of Gilgit Baltistan, Hunza is the largest area that has occupied land. However, Gilgit is the largest populated district in Gilgit Baltistan.

Gilgit Baltistan capital:

Gilgit is the capital of Gilgit Baltistan. Which is an administrative territory of Pakistan.

Gilgit to Skardu distance:

On your visit to gilgit baltistan. The distance from Gilgit to Skardu is 200KM via S-1. Which takes 3 hr 58 min. The travel between Gilgit and Skardu takes around 4 hours. Karakoram highway is usually blocked due to rainfall and uncertain conditions for weeks sometimes. The elevation of Skardu city is 2236m.

Places to visit Hunza valley in 2022

Gilgit Baltistan Province:

Gilgit Baltistan is currently not a province. It is just a semi-provincial Setup. They do not have the right to take part in the elections for the federal and National Assembly of Pakistan. So this blog is very important to read “All About Gilgit Baltistan – Travel Northern Pakistan Guide 2022”

All About Gilgit Baltistan tourism:

All About hotels in Hunza

  • Attabad lake hotel
  • Luxus hotel Hunza
  • darbar hotel Hunza
  • Serena Hunza
  • luxus hunza attabad lake resort
  • Lexus hotel Hunza
  • Hunza water
  • Luxus hotel Hunza
  • Hunza valley people
  • hard rock Hunza
  • Hunza people

All about hotels in Skardu

  • shangrila resort skardu
  • hotel one Skardu
  • byarsa hotel Skardu
  • Shangri-La resort Skardu rates
  • Tibet hotel Skardu
  • shangrila resort skardu
  • Serena Skardu
  • shangri la hotel skardu
  • Shangrila Skardu

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All about best hotels in Gilgit:

  • Citi Hotel Gilgit
  • riviera hotel Gilgit
  • Rupal inn Gilgit
  • canopy nexus Gilgit
  • park hotel Gilgit
  • riverdale resort gilgit
  • Gilgit Serena hotel
  • Serena Gilgit

All about best hotels in Nagar:

  • Diran Guest House
  • Oshothang
  • Hotel Cherry Garden Minapin
  • Domani Hotel
  • Hikal Guest House & Restaurent
  • Paradise Hotel Rakaposhi View Point
  • Rakaposhi Base 1 Hotel
  • Sugar N Spice Hotel
  • Rakaposhi Stay & Dine
  • Rush Lake Hotel Hopper
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Kepal Inn

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All about best hotels in Ghizer:

  • Ghizer Blossom Inn
  • Mehmaan Resort
  • Riverdale Resort Gilgit
  • Green Palace Hotel, Gahkuch
  • Hotel De Capra
  • The Metropolitan Gilgit
  • River Breeze Guest House
  • Mountain View Hotel & Restaurant
  • Rocks N River Hotel

Cultural Diversity:

  • 5 ethnic groups and 5 ethnic languages with 36 dialects.
  • 7 Asia Pacific Heritage Conservation, UNESCO and British Airways Award-Winning Historical Sites
  • 23 Historical Forts.
  • 75 Polo grounds.
  • 65 Archeological sites.
  • More than 39,000 Rock carvings and inscriptions.
  • Year-long festivals all around Gilgit Baltistan.
  • Indigenous music.
  • A centuries-old culture of hospitality and acceptance of visitors
  • Strategic Location and Historical Linkages.
  • Centuries-Old trade and travel route.
  • The only part of Pakistan to border and neighbor four countries.
  •  Presence of International Road Network

Major Information collected from Gilgit Baltistan Government Website.


By wraping up this article shortly on All About Gilgit Baltistan – Travel Northern Pakistan Guide 2022. This could be somehow helpful for your travel to gilgit baltistan. But to read the complete details about best tourist attraction and travel places to visit gilgit baltistan. You may read this blog. “best travel places to Visit Northern Areas of Pakistan in 2022-23

Ski Sports – Exploring Winter Sports Potential of Nagar

Ski Sports – Exploring Winter Sports Potential of Nagar

Under the subject of “Ski Sports – Exploring Winter Sports Potential of Nagar” Fun activities are the only thing that every kid agrees. But the need is to arrange in a proper means whether it is a sports games, activities or exercises.  No matter there is cold or snow outside but once there is enthusiasm or craze kids get overwhelmed and will get an adventure bug. Winter sports are one where extreme cold and snow are boarded everywhere. In meantime, a team from Nagar including boys and girls even kids under the supervision of NTPC went out to winter sports ski training in 2022 in the extreme cold of northern Pakistan HUNZA a short distance from Nagar.

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Alhamdollillah! youth of Nagar taking an active part in Winter Sports

A team of 26 boys and girls from Nagar valley participated in two-week-long training in Winter Sports in Ghulkin, Hunza. For the very first time in the history of Nagar valley boys, especially girls have taken part in winter sports training sessions to pursue their career in the sports ground. The Nagar tourism promotion committee has superbly arranged and successfully completed their first-ever winter sports project.

Winter sports Ski Training in Gulkin Hunza Valley

Boys and Girls trainees are confident and pleased with this successful training in collaboration between Hunza and Nagar districts. They learned how to interact between teams, safety guidelines, networking, and like-minded people where they always get motivated seeing each other’s progress.

Ski Sports – Exploring Winter Sports Potential of Nagar

For the first time, the youth of Nagar is much enthusiastic about these healthy activities that have more potential to create a successful career as a sportsperson.

Winter Sports Training – ICE Hockey Sports in Hunza Nagar

The above mentioned participants were trained for ice hockey as well. This will encourage local youth drive their interent from co-curricullar activities to extra-curricular activities. This will eventually give the introduction of inbuilt skills and getting motivation to participate in every platform.

AVA From Swiss in Hunza for ski training
Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi and Declared 2nd in Pakistan

Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi and Declared 2nd in Pakistan

Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi & Declared 2nd in Pakistan, at age of 41 becomes the 2nd Pakistani to ascent Rakaposhi Peak with a brand new route after 23 years from South Spur/Ridge. The last successful expedition was done in 1997. But domestically last successful summit was successfully pushed in by Col. Sher Khan and now after 42 years, Wajidullah Nagari has summited following a brand new route.

Facts about Rakaposhi Mountain 7788m:

Rakaposhi is the world’s 27th, Pakistan’s 12th highest peak, and the third most beautiful peak in the world.

Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi:

As per Khairullah Nagari, a brother of Wajidullah Nagari has confirmed the summit news via a message received from climber Wajid that Wajidullah Nagari pushed Rakaposhi. And mentioned their descent after the summit push.

Noted that: Rakaposhi Peak Nagar can be seen from Gilgit, Hunza as well but the original feed and major attractions can be found in Nagar Valley.

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Rakaposhi Peak Dangerous to Summit:

This Peak has a dangerous steep route and it is much difficult to make a successful trip.

It is the only peak in the whole world that has a 5000m, straight uphill wall that no other peak does from the base camp. So Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi bravely.

Rakaposhi Peak Nagar is way technical and risky due to the changing weather frequently at any time. That is why Rakaposhi is also called “Mother of Mist”.  

The most dangerous part of Rakaposhi Peak is, there is unexpected avalanches that hit at any time and it’s usual. Many climbers have lost their lives.

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Rakaposhi Climbers 2021:

Rakaposhi climbers in mission Rakaposhi 2021 consist of a Pakistani Climber from District Nagar, Wajidullah Nagrai, and two co-climbers from the Czech Republic Mr. Peter and Mr. Jakub.

Total Days of Rakaposhi Mountain Summit:

Rakaposhi Summit was done on the 10th day by the complete summiting days including both sides would be winded up in 12 to 13 days.

Total Expeditions of Rakaposhi Peak:

There is a total of 26 expeditions takes place starting from 1896 but out of only 9 expeditions successfully pushed.

Declaration from Alpine Club of Pakistan:

Mr. Karrar Haidari of the Alpine Club of Pakistan confirmed the successful ascent of Rakaposhi with two Czech republicans.

Why Rakaposhi Peak is so much famous?

Although Rakaposhi is the 27th highest in the world and 12th in Pakistan but the best part of its fame is only the beauty. Its beautiful ice wall can be seen from different areas of Gilgit. Particularly when you drive on the KKH Nagar Valley section you would be having an incredible view of Rakaposhi from different angles from different villages event the opposite of Nagar, Hunza Valley.

Rakaposhi Mountain First Climbers:

Rakaposhi mountain was first time climbed by UK expedition led by Mike Bank and  Tom Patey 1958.

First Climber Wajidullah Nagari from Nagar Submitted Rakaposhi:

Soon After Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi, the people of Nagar valley feels, he has given strength to the mountaineering community by Scaling Rakaposhi that was left unscaled for years. He has made the people of Nagar feel proud in the tourism industry and proved that local geeks can perform well across high altitude peaks even without any sponsor or aid.

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Rakaposhi Meaning:

Rakaposhi has previously known Raki-poshi, which means house of fairies.

9 Wonderful Facts About Rakaposhi Peak 7788m:

Mission Rakaposhi Summit Successfully done 2021
Mission Rakaposhi Summit has Successfully done 2021
Rakaposhi Peak– The 3rd Beautiful and 12th Highest Peak of Pakistan

Rakaposhi Peak– The 3rd Beautiful and 12th Highest Peak of Pakistan

Rakaposhi Peak– The 3rd Beautiful and 12th Highest Peak of Pakistan

Rakaposhi Peak 7788m: The 3rd beautiful, world’s 27th highest, and Pakistan’s  12th highest peak. The reason for its fame is not because of its ranking but its beauty. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Rakaposhi Peak is the only peak that can be viewed from bottom to top with its extremely incredible flowing streams.

Breathtaking Rakaposhi Zero Point Nagar:

There are many points to take the breathtaking glimpse of Rakaposhi. But particularly when you moving on Karakorum highway in District Nagar Region. You may have hundreds of different enchanting views while crossing different villages of Nagar valley. Moreover, note that Rakaposhi can only be accessible from Nagar Valley and also can be clearly viewed from Rakaposhi View Point Nagar.

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 Rakaposhi Glancing from other regions:

Rakaposhi Peak can be seen from different regions of Gilgit. You may have a glance at Bagrot Valley Gilgit. It can also be seen from some points of danyore Gilgit and you may also have a clear upper view from karimabad hunza. But majorly Nagar Valley is its feed and can be accessed and seen from different points of Nagar even from bottom to top. i.e. Nilt Valley, Thole Valley, Qasimabad Masot Valley, Ghulmet Valley, Pissan, and Minapin Valley.

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Surprising Rakaposhi in Karakorum Mountain Ranges:

The long spread ice wall of Rakaposhi in the Karakorum mountain ranges, this peak is its kind of the only peak that has an astounding ice wall that creates uniqueness with other mountains and that is why it is considered the third beautiful peak after K2 and Nanga Parbat Peak. Rakaposhi Peak – The 3rd Beautiful and 12th Highest Peak of Pakistan but has a prominent profile for having 27th rank worldwide.

Captured By SR_Haical

Other Names of Rakaposhi Peak Nagar:

Rakaposhi Peak is previously named Rakaposhi then it is molded into Rakaposhi which locally means “Shining Wall”. Furthermore, Rakaposhi is known and Dumani “The Mother of Mist”. It is called because of, covering in cloud during the whole year in most of the time.

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Rakaposhi Peak Summits & Expeditions:

There are many successful and unsuccessful attempts done during 1892-2004. However, the first successful summit was done in 1958 by British Climbers.

Successful Summits of Rakaposhi Peak Nagar:

The first successful summit of Rakaposhi Peak (7788m) was done by members of a British expedition Mr. Mike banks and Mr. Tom Patey in 1958. This ascent was achieved from Southwest Ridge. Remember that both of them got minor injuries during ascent on 25 June 1958. But sadly on their descent another climber slipped and died at night time.

Best Time to Climb Rakaposhi Peak:

The best and favorable time to climb the 3rd beautiful Rakaposhi peak is from June to September. Where everything acts moderately where you will enjoy the green and lush meadows as well during your ascent with local foods and seasonal fruits.

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Possible Routes to climb Rakaposhi Peak:

There were multiple climbing’s done from different ridges routes during the period between 1982 to 2004 but now 2021 is going to add in few days. Below are the possible and used routes that can be selected for your summit pushes.

  • Southwest Ridge: Long route but not that technical
  • Eastern Side, that is shortest route.
  • Northwest Ridge: This route is long and technical than Southwest ridge.
  • Northern Ridge: This route is short but more difficult than above two routes.
Captured By SR_Haical

Latest New Route identified to Climb Rakaposhi Peak:

Yes, after 2004 there was no attempt made to summit Rakaposhi Peak. But in September 2021. The energetic and well enthusiast young climber from Nagar Valley Mr. Wajidullah has started his summit push to Rakaposhi Peak this weak and he is on his way to the summit from Basecamp 1.

As per his last comments, he together with his Czech Fellow Climbers (Mr. Jakub and Mr. Petr )  has started a summit push with a new brand route that would help them to make a successful attempt after years of break.

Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek and New Route to Climb Rakaposhi Peak:

Due to the extreme uphill and exceptional rise of Rakaposhi peak up to 16000 feet. It is most difficult and different wall than other peaks like K2 and Everest. That is why it has rarely opted for the summit in the past. Now a brave local climber Wajidullah Nagari has started with some foreign climbers to push from Nagar side and most importantly this time the route would be brand new.

If they succeed in this mega climb, they will make the historical attempt and this would bring more attention to worldwide climbers to summit this beautiful ice wall (Rakaposhi Peak).

Captured By SR_Haical

Rakaposhi Basecamp Minapin Nagar Vlog:

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