The Best Vacation Travel Tech gadgets Review

Hello good people! I constantly get asked about what’s in my travel backpack gear-wise?

Magnetic Wrist Band:

So let me show you welcome to your new tea board train first attach the magnetic wrist rest it simply pops in don’t forget about the USB pass-through port and the headphone jack to simplify your connectivity.

You and the boss of the meeting control, which is right over here, fiery red tea caps are included. Because it is a gaming product with RGB / key elimination and under the hood.


We’ve got cherry MX silver speed and blue switches for those leg actuation and finally, don’t forget about the voice control enjoy your new x1 by Thermaltake check it out in the description below alright people so in front of me is my super compact travel gear accessory kit you know all these items are little they’re inexpensive.

You can buy them in the description below thank you very much it helps us out all the affiliation is down the description below but you know potentially highlight some things that you might want or need for your next trip or your everyday life.

So first let’s begin with the spout something that I didn’t use to travel with but now this goes with me everywhere it’s awesome because you know backpacks have pockets and stuff like that but those things can you know little things can get lost and this is awesome because all this tech pretty much aside from the bigger stuff goes inside here and I know where to access you know though 

USB drives 

USB drives little velcro straps whatever everything goes inside it opens up nice and wide it has these tightening bands on the interior different pockets so you can reorganize however you want for little items or larger items everything just sits nicely inside this bag it also has an exterior pocket for easy access which I love they come in different colors too and basically just a pocket that’s super handy for your tech or whatever else you might put inside but now move onto the necessities.

I never travel without a flashlight sure our smartphones have one but these guys are actually super inexpensive the batteries already are included it’s waterproof and it’s also a lot more powerful than any smartphone flashlights .

So in India, for example, I lost something in the grass and definitely was in search of a flashlight but luckily you know found some stuff and this is why I carry a designated flashlight with me now.

The cool thing about this one is that it has an expandable light beam so you can narrow the beam. 

photography night

If you have if you want a longer light output or you can widen the beam to cover a larger surface area it’s awesome too for light painting so if you’re doing photography night photography especially and want to paint something in the shot a flashlight definitely will do the trick now moving on they never travel without a battery bank 

I used to travel with like the very small capacity of milliamps but they would just drain way too quickly so I picked up a twenty thousand milliamp-hour capacity battery bank.

It is a bit on the heavy side and the charge is super slow but once this is charged you can last you for a couple of days.

Definitely without you needing to plug anything into the wall this is awesome.

wireless audio

Make sure to check out you know a bunch of their capacity this is by the way from Ankur yeah love this thing super handy now for wireless audio I decide to go with the Bose Soundlink micro simply because this thing is tiny it sounds fantastic for its size has a really good bass output at the bottom it is waterproof it’s tough as well we have full controls for buttons on the actual speaker it has a little strap at the back that you can put on your backpack. 

So when you were hiking or something you can listen to all your music I just wanted something that was compact rounded great and the only thing is that the firmware update is over Bluetooth which takes forever but I’m pretty happy with this guy it is a little bit on the expensive side at $100.

But I didn’t want to cheap out on a Bluetooth speaker because I wanted something compact and sounded good and there are not many options that satisfy that criteria yeah so this speaker is awesome for headphones though I’m rocking this son Heiser momentum Wireless I’ve had these for like four or five years they sound amazing the sound isolation on here itis active.

HyperX savage drive

So it actually cancels out all the background noise is just incredible take a lot of pictures on my trips.

Which is why I have these two guys for all my storage needs the Silverstone so9 enclosure which I put in my own MDOT -SSD in there.

Make sure to check out our video on that here and the HyperX savage drive – it’s 128 gigabytes which is awesome.


So I can offload my entire SDcard on here and have that backup now moving up to the smartphone territoryI’ve been using the one plus 6 myself as a daily driver but the red Editionrecently came out it is absolutely gorgeous on camera it looks just as good as it does in real life the fingerprint scanner has a slightly different tone of red which you know.

If you like to pick out certain details you will also doesn’t pick up fingerprints as much as the black version because there’s so much color and vibrancy is happening on here it kind of hides the finger marks they’re still visible because it is still glass but I’m definitely going to be rocking the 1 + 6 red edition from now on I mean look at this thing it’s absolutely gorgeous well done one plus well done and to complement my smartphone photography.

clip-on lenses

I picked up these clip-on lenses for your smartphone the good thing about these because they’re clipped on they can be attached to any smartphone and so I picked up the kid that has the superwide.

The fisheye and the macro lens I don’t use the fisheye because the superwide already has the effect like that so the super-wide is awesome the optics are not fantastic like you can have distortion but it’s a really unique way to kind of experiment with your photography that expands your field of view.

And I’m definitely looking forward to using these on my upcoming trip.

 Now the good thing about the macro lens is it’s super sharp and you have to be really close to your subject and the smartphone photos look absolutely amazing and yeah it just gives you a different perspective for smartphone photography when you travel and because they’re so compact and actually super cheap – 

you don’t have to have a particular case for it these are just clip-on lenses for your you know onto your smartphone you don’t need additional accessories to use them their awesome and so much fun to use and to clean the screen of the smartphone.

We have eye-rollers they come in two different sizes like mini one and the standard one and these are amazing so you just roll them on your screen to clean all the fingerprints they actually remove bacteria which is great so it’s for hygienic purposes and for visual purposes.

Then the good thing about these is once they get all clogged up with a little gunk and like little particles on the actual rubber bit.

You just wash this with warm water let it air dry and boom you’re ready to go it still has a lot of the adhesive onto the rubber thing.

I’ve been using this for about a year and it still as basically just works as new,

so I rollers definitely recommended for my tripod needs because I’m taking my Sony a7 three for the vacation. 

Sony camera

I had the Joby I think this one’s for like the mirrorless one so it’s the medium size which can support the Sony camera the GH 5 no problem to that you can position anywhere but I also have this tiny Manfrotto one which is great for handheld stuff and just over time the legs have loosened up quite a bit.

I’ve had this for two years but it still is going pretty good and the last few things include this aperture m9 night.

It’s awesome because it is super compact I think it can last for like an hour and a half at maximum brightness so If you know it recharges via its own battery it has gel so you can color your scene either with this blue or orange.

Which is awesome and this thing definitely could come in handy anywhere if you need a little additional light for your photography or video and just like stash it anywhere else for a little kick or actually even fill as well the aperture m9 these are awesome and the last little thing are these gear ties so these are awesome because they can be used for any type of situation they are reusable rubber zip ties basically they have nice stiff this. 


They can be used to lock your zipper on the backpack so if you in case you travel you know you’re you have a little extra peace of mind.

You can fix your shoe in case your laces are broken because they’re pretty thin. They can pass through anything and whatever you need to tie.

For example my tripod boom so the legs don’t open now this is around there that’s awesome and just you can use them for absolutely anything low gear ties they’re super inexpensive but so handy to have when you need them and now my first ever drone the mavic air this thing is amazing not only because it captures 4k 30fps video but it’s a stable it’s super fast it’s easy to actually you know kind of learn how to fly a drone.

 I was very nervous in the beginning but after a few flights you kind of get accustomed to it and you can you know perform some maneuvers.

This thing is awesome to capture things that you normally would not be able to do on vacation and I picked up the fly more combo which comes with three batteries a remote controller little bag.

So everything can just like compactly fit into this one little package that then goes into my backpack this thing is awesome and they also have the ND filters for the camera for the drone because if you want to achieve that nice cinematic motion effects so that the shutter speed on this thing is low enough so you get motion blur.

These things are really handy and really bright and sunny situations which are most likely wherever you go on vacation alright so that is my travel accessory pack.

I hope you found some of these items useful potentially for your next trip and I’m super excited to use these wide-angle lenses because just I know the distortion is there and they’re not super clear in detail but it’s like anew effect of you can achieve capturing so much area.

That you normally would not be able to do so yeah that is it thanks for reading .let me know if I’m missing something and if there is a particular piece of tech gear that you travel with all the time let us know in the comments share the knowledge within the community.

12 Airport Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

12 Airport Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Hey guys! – It’s Brooklyn and bailey and today’s article is going to be an airport hacks article because we have been traveling a tonne lately….. 
I am not sure anyone truly believes that airports can be fun, so you have to find or create your own tips and tricks!
so we decided to make this article for you guys, so you guys can watch before or while you’re at the airport just for some fun hacks!!!!!

– But before we get onto the article you guys, be sure to be watching out on our social media, we’re letting y’all go on pieces and parts of our music and you can vote and have your say on what we put in our music. So be sure to check that out. 

12 Airport Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know
12 Airport Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

1- Receive email:

– Now, let’s go on the article. When you book a flight you’ll receive an email with all of your flight details. I like to screenshot that and set it as my lock screen, that way when I’m at the airport I don’t have to go sifting through emails to find that information.

2- Remember The Location of Parked Car at the Airport:

If you’ve ever driven yourself to the airport, and you’ve had to park somewhere, you know what a struggle it is to remember where you parked after a long trip and a long flight so the best thing to do is take a picture of your parking space so that when you come back, you can just look at the picture and remember exactly where your car is parked. (alarm ringing) 


3- Get to the airport at least one hour before

– One of the tips we have for you guys is to get to the airport at least one hour before your flight takes off, that way you can get crossed through security lines, and during this period you must take care of your luggage and take something to eat Most luggage comes in the same three generic colors, red, black, and white, so if you want to be able to identify your bag when it’s coming around the carousel, just tag it with something really identifiable like my cheetah print little tag that I have right here, and then it’s easy to pick out when it comes around. 

4- So much tricky to handle suitcases:

– That short period at the airport is so much tricky to handle suitcases, so one trick that we learned is if you pull up both handles on the suitcases and put them back to back, it makes it so much easier to handle the luggage. 

5- Lines at the airport for security check

– Whenever you trying to choose the lines at the airport for security check, your intention is more with the left line because there are fewer people who choose the left lane due to the reason of right-handed. If you guys have traveled on an airplane before,


6- Throw away water bottles

one of the things they make you do is throw away water bottles that you have in your bag so we like to pack an empty water bottle so that way when we get on another side of security we can fill it up instead of having to buy the really expensive water bottles at the airport. 

7- bring a jacket

– When you’re traveling its always smart to bring a jacket because there are three uses for your jacket.

First Use Of Jacket:

The first one is to use it as a jacket to keep you warm because planes tend to be chilly. Trust me, I would know. 

First Use Of Jacket:

– The second purpose is to use it as a blanket for when you’re taking naps in the seats or you wanna take a nap in your plane, it’s just like a nice little warm comforter

First Use Of Jacket:

– Third use of jacket is, it proves the companion when it comes to using instead of a pillow to be relaxed at some point at the airport. you can. (upbeat music)


8- Bring hand sanitizer

It’s always smart to bring hand sanitizer to the airport because you’ll touch a lot of things and, like, MILLIONS of people have touched them and you don’t know where they’ve been so it’s smart to just hand sanitize every once in a while to keep you from getting sick while traveling. 

9- A Confession

Alright, you guys I have a confession. For some reason when I travel, I tend to think my breath smells terrible, and also when I ride the airplanes my ears get clogged up due to the pressure.

10- Pack chewing gum With You:

So one of the things that I do to help fix both of those problems pack chewing gum so I can chew that, my jaws moving and my ears won’t get clogged up, and also my breath is minty.

11- Contact wearer

If you’re a contact wearer like me you know that sleeping in your contacts can irritate your eyes, so I always wear my glasses and pack my contacts so that as soon as I get off the plane I can switch to my contacts and be ready to go for the day. 

12- Take something that will help you spend your time

If you are in a group, take something that will help you spend your time when you get bored. Me with my sibling always taking an inflatable ball to play with when we get bored at the airport.  but it also folds up really easy so that it doesn’t take up lots of space.

– Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you got some helpful tips for your upcoming round the world travels. Be sure to check out all of our social media to vote on our upcoming music.
How do you help stop your ears from plugging up during takeoff and landing? We have a tip for that! How do you manage multiple suitcases at once? We have a tip for that! Which lane of the airport at the security gate do you take? We have a tip for that and many more! These tips can be for anyone from all ages… from moms to fathers, brothers, sisters, teens, little teens, and grandparents! 
Please comment below with your favorite of these 12 Airport Hacks, and include any new ones we should have included!

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