Things to do in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan - A Complete Travel Guide - Explore Nagar Travels-min

Things to do in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan – A Complete Travel Guide to Visit Nagar Valley Pakistan

Things to do in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan – A Complete Travel Guide to Visit Nagar Valley Pakistan

Nagar Valley is known for its mighty mountain peaks, lakes, and glaciers. Nagar is located along the Karakoram Highway towards the north of Gilgit city. This is very important to share things to do in Nagar valley because many people have no idea about this valley (Nagar) on its historical backgrounds, culture, and tourist areas which abundantly found with its amazing landscapes. Many people from you had visited Hunza but I am sure you visited Karim Abad and eagle nest. When you go out from your hotel there is an amazing, mesmerizing beauty that opens inform of you opposite to Hunza is Nagar Valley. The shining Rakaposhi and Diran Peaks call always invites you to have a close look by having a trek to Rakaposhi base camp and Diran base camp.

Why I feel to write on Things to do in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan?

I searched on google for things to do in Nagar valley and I can not find any content that is giving any information on the said keyword. I thought to write down an informative travel guide for Nagar valley. The irony is most people came for just fun at public places. They neither go for the unexplored areas of northern Pakistan nor visiting some uphill stations which plentifully exist in Nagar Valley and Hunza Valley. If we do it will give us motivation and pride having such blessings of Almighty ALLAH.

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In this article, I will share all important aspects about this touristic valley by sharing a few of my experiences, best tourist points, and on top things to do in Nagar valley Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. This complete travel guide to visiting Nagar Valley will help tourist and visitors to plan the trip of Nagar Valley a hustle free trip.

Although this valley is still not properly settled to facilitate tourists but during the last few years from 2017 people tend to provide professional tourism services i.e. in form of hoteling, tour operators, tour guides, etc. You may also find some experienced trekkers there who had done many peaks but due to the lack of social media awareness and network availability they didn’t have access to get introduced to the world about their outstanding trekking.

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Things to do in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan:

Nagar valley, a valley of breathtaking villages and gigantic mountains. District Nagar is divided into two divisions. Nagar 1(Lower Nagar) and Nagar 2(upper Nagar). The whole district is being controlled by the district Administration Nagar from the district secretariat and Capital area of Harespo Das.

What are the Best Tourist Attractions in Nagar Valley?

Before sharing best tourist attractions in nagar valley, let me share with a most motivating and encouraging travel quote with you.

“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”


Nagar Valley is the place where tourist come to see. So don’t be a traveler be a tourist so that you may get the best out of your visit, eventually get enormous knowledge about the demographical landscapes of Norther Pakistan Gilgit Baltistan. And I am sure you will get benefit from my travel guide to Nagar valley Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan.

I will share few tourist points and places to visit in Nagar Valley below. I am sure after visiting these attractions you will get amazing ideas, diversified cultures/traditions/languages, unique meetups with locals, foods, trekking points, and amazing hill stations.


Things to do in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan - A Complete Travel Guide - Explore Nagar Travels-min
Things to do in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan – A Complete Travel Guide to Visit Nagar Valley Pakistan

Alright, if you have gripped on above-shared points let me take you to the most demanding and beautiful tourist attractions in Nagar valley.

  1. Rakaposhi View Point Ghulmet Nagar.
  2. Gappa Valley Nagar
  3. Shahshabaran Ghulmet Nagar
  4. Minapin Valley Nagar.
  5. Hapakun Camping site Nagar
  6. Rakaposhi Basecamp Trek and Taghafari Nagar.
  7. Diran Basecamp Trek Nagar.
  8. Minapin Glacier Nagar.
  9. Kacheli Lake Nagar.
  10. Beekichang Gotum Cricket Stadium Pissan Nagar.
  11. Roof Top of Nagar Miacher Kho.
  12. Hoppar Valley and Hoppar Glacier.
  13. Rush Lake Nagar.
  14. Mamubar Camping site (Sumayar Nagar)
  15. Talugotum Hill station and Waterfall Qasimabad Nagar.
  16. Chapshuro Food Street Thole Nagar
  17. Royal Palace Garden Nagar Khas.

I have enlisted all tourist points in Nagar Valley. There are few places you can go on the vehicle, 4/4 vehicle, or safari jeep. But some can be accessed by doing a trek. Furthermore few points can be covered in one day however few points can be covered in more than one day. So you have to plan your trip accordingly. I will write in detail where you need a vehicle, 4/4 and which points take days to cover. Lastly, I will also mention how to arrange trips to these points in Nagar.

Purpose of writing Things to do in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan is due to the lack of content which can guide and help traveler gain confidence prior to his/her visit to Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan.

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Rakaposhi View Point, Nagar:

               Rakaposhi view Nagar is the main hub for travelers and tourists to stay. I used to visit on my very trip and spend some time on the bank of the flowing stream by having a glimpse of Rakaposhi peak and flowing voices of the stream. It is mainly for shorts stays and overnight stays. Hotels and restaurants are built and maintained in a very professional way along the bank sides of the flowing streams coming from Rakaposhi Peak.

Facilities in hotels and restaurants at Rakaposhi viewpoint Nagar have been deployed as per the seasonal course. They have well-equipped everything with professional staff.

I personally have stayed there and took an amazing nights with a long lasting hospitality which I have been provided.

You can also do shopping at the main point of Rakaposhi view point. You may love to buy local handicrafts, the Traditional Cap of Gilgit Baltistan, Stones, and other jewelry.

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Rakaposhi is also known as Mother of mist. Which means, snow-covered. Rakaposhi is 27th in the world and 12th highest in Pakistan. But more than it ranks it is more popular for its beauty when there is good weather to experience its charming ice wall.

Rakaposhi View Point Ghulmet
Rakaposhi View Point, Nagar – Image by Wonder lust project

Gappa Valley Nagar.

I have visited Gappa Valley in 2018 and then in 2019. I have no words to explain this blessed valley and track in Nagar Valley. Maybe my weak broken words and sentences cannot pay to its beauty and amazing green meadows. But I will try to share what I can and at least what I experienced there in those two nights’ stay.

Gappa Valley is a beautiful tourist spot in the District Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan. Gappa valley is not less than a paradise for Trekking and peace-loving tourists. From a tourism point of view, this place always welcomes tourists with its natural forests, fountain, grasslands local dishes, amazing and cooperative people, and on top of the magnificent view of Rakaposhi peak.

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Its trekking trail from Gappa Valley to Naltar Valley compels tourists to visit this place. But for now, it’s can be accessed from District Nagar Check Post at KKH towards chalt village.

It’s a 3KM track covered with 4/4 safari jeeps and same vehicle.

I have covered most of its distance having a trek in 2017 during night time. I with my friends left chaprote valley at 6 PM and reached Gappa Valley at 11 PM. But you may be reached in an hour. It’s a one-day track but if you love trekking I would recommend you to go Shani peak a one-hour or less steep uphill track from Gappa valley. But the view up there shall worth your tiring trek I am sure.

I stayed one in Gappa valley and then stay a day in Shani peak. I spend two amazing days of life where I feel very close to Almighty Allah and I thanked there for giving us birth in such an amazing place in the world.

Gappa Valley Nagar Camping Site
Gappa Valley Nagar Camping Site

Shahshabaran Ghulmet Nagar

Shahshabaran Ghulmet is located in the district Nagar of Ghulmet Village. If you ever visited Hunza, then you must have stayed at Rakaposhi viewpoint. This is the exact point where Shahshabaran is located but it takes us around two to three hours to reach there. It’s a steep and uphill trek.


Shahshabaran is known for its amazing views of the western Nagar(Nagar 1) also there is a historical Polo ground. In the princely period in Nagar. The prince is visiting this beautiful point and as per sources, there is also a donkey polo game been played.

But now this point is completely reserved for Livestock due to its green and healthy grasslands. You may camp here for a day and explore the nearby amazing green mountains and view the down areas of western Nagar and northern Nagar with the amazing views until karimabad Hunza and Aliabad Hunza.

shahshabaran ghulmet nagar
Shahshabaran Ghulmet Nagar

Minapin Village Nagar.

Minapin Valley is the main hotel hub in Nagar. You will find top hotels here and from there you may easily plan your trip to schedule nearby places easily. There are some famous hotels and restaurants which are famous for their hospitality and the amazing services of hotel owners. Owners are personally interacting with tourists, looking after for everything to make sure a smooth and easy stay for tourists.

There are cherry gardens, apricot gardens which the local offers to the traveler’s guest.

Hapakun Camping site Nagar:

Hapakun Camping site is one of the most inviting and beautiful meadows in the whole Hunza Nagar. It takes two hours from Minapin village. It’s a green meadow and the first stopover to Rakaposhi basecamp. I have spent two days there and done the Rakaposhi basecamp trek. I found this place enticing on my other trips. This trek is getting famous every year. Many local and international travelers had done this trek and wrote on many forums about its beauty and historical aspect.

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Hapakun Camping Site has only one camp hotel to serve tourists and travelers. However, before going to plan the Rakaposhi basecamp trek or Hapakun camping site make sure you contact some local hotel owners in Minapin or nearby hotels at Rakaposhi View Point Nagar so that they will arrange you a best possible facility there.  

Campsite owner is very much cooperative and helps you from guides to meal plans.

hapakun camping site nagar valley
Hapakun Camping Site Nagar Valley

Rakaposhi Basecamp Trek and Taghafari Nagar.

As I said earlier above Hapakun Campsite is an interesting stopover while going to Rakaposhi Base Camp. Things to do in Nagar valley Gilgit Baltistan demands you to must visit this area to know about what Nagar valley is all about and why the magnetic and alluring Rakaposhi peaks invite you when you just view it from Hunza or nearby places.

On my visit, I have enjoyed the best moments of my life and spend the best nights of my life in the camp. We were only two but when we just reached to Minapin dam site. We met two more local people. They were also accompanied by us and now the trek looks we are going for some expedition. We discussed historical stories of Nagar. Travel stories as I am a tour operator and the one who joined us on the way was a hotel owner. They gave us an amazing company.

We reached Hapakun just after the maghrib prayer. We took all the required stuff so we cooked ourselves had tea and took a rest. Early morning we left for Rakaposhi basecamp and we were done it in two hours.

Remember, that two hours were kind of tiring due to steeps and slops but when I saw the first glimpse of Minapin glacier and the connecting boundaries of Rakaposhi and Diran peak I left with no words and remain stuck for a while. This was I think the first-ever view I had experienced in my whole life.


I still have no words to write but that tiring trek is just forgotten and fell into the walls of Rakaposhi and Diran peak. When I went more closer to the basecamp of Rakaposhi there opened up a Minapin glacier. A big wow get out of my mouth unintentionally after having a look at the white and clean Minapin glacier.

Diran Basecamp Trek Nagar.

Diran Basecamp is also an uphill track and takes more time than the Rakaposhi base camp. To reach Diran basecamp you have to cover Rakaposhi basecamp and then there is a long glacier paved named Minapin glacier which you have to follow to reach Diran Basecamp.

Kacheli Lake and Diran Peak Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan
Kacheli Lake and Diran Peak Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan

Minapin Glacier Nagar.

               Minapin glacier is also a lovely point to experience while visiting Rakaposhi basecamp and Diran basecamp. Interestingly it attracts visitors by its while paved snow and deep crevasses.

On my visit to Diran basecamp, we walked on it for three hours to reach the other corner. There is a chance to detract the actual path while walking on the glacier. We need to be careful to avoid a slip or being fell into a crevasse. Better you take a local guide if you plan.

The scary voices of the breaking glaciers can be heard while walking on glaciers. We were only two and crossing this glacier for the first time. We were detracted from the original path three times but we survived to be on track and succeed in getting our purpose done.

Minapin Glacier Nagar Valley Gilgit baltistan
Minapin Glacier Nagar Valley Gilgit baltistan

Beekichang Gotum Cricket Stadium Pissan Nagar.

My article on topic “things to do in Nagar Valley “ is full of amazing places from glaciers to deserts and from hills stations to peaks. This point is also famous for one day trip in Nagar Valley. Beekichang Gotum is a famous cricket stadium where local cricket tournament is conducting annually. Now this point can be accessed via vehicle. It takes an hour to reach there.

This point in Pissan village also attracts tourists and local guides take tourists to this place for one day and short trip. This point has a unique view of Pissan Glacier and cricket stadium which is plan and circular.

There are neither hotels nor any service. This is just to go and explore with self-cook for now.


Kacheli Lake Nagar.

Kacheli(kachali) Lake Nagar lies about 3500m and have to reach via Minapin village of Nagar. It is one of the bewildering picnic and trekking point.

It takes two hours from Minapin to Hapakun camping site. Takes two hours to Rakaposhi basecamp also known as Taghafari.

You may camp for a night stay either at Hapakun or Basecamp of Rakaposhi it depends on your itinerary. From Rakaposhi Basecamp its takes 2 to 3 hours to cross Minapin glacier to reach Diran basecamp. Time depends on your movement. When you reach at Diran basecamp there is an uphill trek which takes two hours to reach Kacheli Lake.

I have covered this amazing trip in only 9 hours from hapakun camping site to Kacheli and back to hapakun Camping site.

The uphill trek after Diran basecamp to Kacheli Lake is quite tiring and need patience to reach up there to kacheli lake.

Kacheli(kachali) Lake Nagar
Kacheli(kachali) Lake Nagar

Roof Top of Nagar and Hunza Miacher Kho Nagar.

To reach Kacheli Lake and have a birdseye of Nagar Valley and Hunza just like the way you look from Eagle Nest/Duikar Hunza, Miacher who is also a center and rooftop of Hunza Nagar. Where you may get the birdseye view of both Hunza and Nagar. You may clearly experience the aerial view of all villages of Hunza & Nagar.

To reach Miacher Kho, you may take 4/4 vehicle and enjoy the track until you reach to who. Its take one hour to reach.

Roof Top of Nagar and Hunza Miacher Kho Nagar.
Roof Top of Nagar and Hunza Miacher Kho Nagar.

Hoppar Valley Nagar and Hopper Glacier Nagar.

Hopper village of Nagar is the oldest and walled city of Hunza and Nagar a 10 km away from Nagar Khas. Both are ancient villages and spread to all other villages of Nagar and even a few of Hunza due to the same ruling family.

The Hopper Village nagar is known for the touristic area in the whole Hunza Nagar due to worldwide famous lakes, glaciers, and peaks of Nagar. It is the home of the hopper and Spantik glaciers.


Many tourists who visited Gilgit Baltistan must prefer to visit hopper village and glacier. The only glacier which is down the earth. The surrounding views of the hopper glacier are now covered with tuck shops, hotels, and sitting areas for the comfort of tourists.

This village has also a quality hotel industry to facilitate tourists at any levels.

Hoppar Valley Nagar and Hopper Glacier Nagar.
Hoppar Valley Nagar and Hopper Glacier Nagar.

Rush Lake.

               Rush lake is one of the highest lakes in the whole world. I have planned to have a trip to this amazing lake but could not plan. You have to cross the incredible scary glaciers of Hopper, Miar peak, and Spantik to reach Rush lake Nagar. It is 15KM away from these glaciers toward the northern side or spantik and miar Peak.

During your visit to Rush Lake Nagar, you will be experiencing the alluring landscapes, snowcapped peaks, green meadows, and views of the mighty peaks nearby Nagar Region. This journey will give trekking lessons for your future benefit.

Rush Lake Trek 2021:

If you ever plan to visit Rush Lake you may write to us we may plan it for you. Or Contact at Explore Nagar Travels PVT Ltd by submitting a contact us form.

While writing about the things to do in Nagar Valley, I thought to write deep information to help visitors get benefit from planning a trouble-free trip.

Rush lake 15400 ft highest altitude lake in Pakistan-min
Rush lake 15400 ft. highest altitude lake in Pakistan

Mamubar Camping site (Sumayar Nagar)

I visited this amazing village first time with a Surf vehicle and found this place an amazing tourist area. It is open to all tourists. This village is exactly opposite Aliabad and karimabad Hunza. There is also an inviting view of Nagar and Hunza just like it looks from Hunza.

You may take any vehicle to reach Mamubar camping. The hospitality is well worth your visit. People invite you for the local dishes and serve you healthy and hygienic foods. Just like the whole village of Nagar this village is also best for hospitality.

The Sumayar Village Nagar is enriched with dozens of gemstone reservoirs. Annually locals earn millions of rupees by the extractions of these expensive stones like quartz, Aquamarine, etc.


Talugotum Hill station and Waterfall Qasimabad Nagar.

Talugotum Hill Station And Waterfall is an unexplored tourist attraction and has a big potential to gain the attention of tourists. I have visited this area during pandemic Covide19 lockdown and stay for a night.

Literally, this hill station is easily accessible and has a very clear view of Rakaposhi Peak. Green meadow and a hilly area attract its beauty. The step after step plan meadows catch your attention and insist you spend maximum time by experiencing the mesmerizing views of nearby mighty peaks and a close view of Rakaposhi Peak in front of you.

It can be covered in one day but better to stay a night to experience the nearby places well.

The reason for Sharing Things to do in Nagar Valley is due to the potential of tourism in this Valley and particularly new places that are not be explored but amazing places from an international tourism perspective. I have revealed one more touristic point nearby this hill station is a high falling waterfall which is also an interesting thing to spend some moments by standing near its falling. The drops of water touch your face give you the next level of enjoyment. Although the water is chill and cold you will enjoy this area the more you expected because has amazing views and on top of that the level of peace around you worth your visit.

There is a steep at some points and maybe you will be tired but when you go to the green meadows you just forget everything and fell into the beauty of Talugotum Hill station and Waterfall Qasimabad Nagar. We have covered Shahshabaran Ghulmet Nagar from this point. You may reach there by crossing this hill station. This is the second route to access Shahshabaran.

Talugotum Hill station and Waterfall Qasimabad Nagar.
Talugotum Hill station and Waterfall Qasimabad Nagar.

Royal Palace Garden in Nagar Khas:

The formal princely Capital of Nagar is Nagar Khas. Where the management and the resident of than prince located. Royal Palace Garden is decorated with old arms and ornaments. However, the history of that era is clearly depicting how buildings were made of mud and wood.

You may get a thorough visit to the palace with complete historical guidance. But you would be needing prior permission to arrange visit. This visit would surely worth your whole tour by knowing the historical background of Nagar People.

Chapshuro Food Street Thole Nagar:

When you visit northern Pakistan. Just like all others, do not miss the taste of Chapshuro Food Street Thole Nagar along the road of Karakorum highway (KKH). You will find the diversified taste of chapshuro after one another.

This Thole Bridge on KKH usually known for the chapshuro a local dish of Gilgit Baltistan. You may get the real taste here.

This is it in my travel guide to Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan in the context of “Things to do in Nagar Valley” Gilgit Baltistan. Hope you have taken benefit from my content.

Below are some frequent Questions and Answers which the travelers and Tourist are usually searching or asking:

chapshuro dish nagar gilgit baltistan-min
Chapshuro Dish Nagar Gilgit Baltistan

Where do I get chapshuro dish in Gilgit Baltistan?

You will get a tasty and original taste of chapshuro at Chapshuro Food Street Thole Nagar along the side of KKH Nagar Valley. You will get a variety of tastes there.

What the traditional Top Dishes of Nagar Valley and Hunza Valley?

Nagar Valley is enrich with organic foods. Dishes to eat in Nagar Valley are shared below:

  1.                Chapshuro dish
  2.                Gialing (Giyaling/Golay/golee)
  3.                Sharbat (Shulbat)
  4.                Shirik(Paratha)
  5.                Phiti(Type of thin Chupati)
  6.                Phulai (hareesa)
  7.                Sharado(Hoi Lo Garma)
  8.                Diram Phiti/Fitti
  9.                Buttering Dowdo(Apricote Soup)
  10.                Hani Dowdo(Apricot Almond)
  11.                Tumoro Tea(Mountain Tea)

What are the main hoteling area in Nagar Valley?

Best Hotel to stay in Nagar Valley, Main hoteling areas in Nagar Valley are:

  1. Rakaposhi View Point Ghulmet Village Nagar
  2. Minapin Village Nagar
  3. Hopper Village Nagar
  4. Jafferabad Villages Nagar
  5. Thole Village Nagar
  6. Qasimabad Village Nagar

What are the famous Lakes in Nagar Valley?

There two famous lake in the region of Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan.

  1. Rush Lake
  2. Kachali Lake (Kachali Lake)

How many Mountain Passes are there in Nagar Valley?

There are two mountain passes are there:

  1. Chaprote Village Pass
  2. Hispar Village Pass

What are the famous Peaks in Nagar Valley?

There are three famous peaks:

  1. Rakaposhi
  2. Diran
  3. Golden Peak (Spantik peak)

What the famous Glaciers in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan?

  1. Hopper Glacier
  2. Miar Glacier
  3. Hisper Glacier
  4. Barpu Glacier
  5. Pissan Glacier
  6. Silkiyang Glacier
  7. Minapin Glacier

What are the famous Meadows in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan?

  1. Hapakun (Minapin)
  2. Gappa (Chalt)
  3. Daiter (Chalt)
  4. Barpu (Hopar)
  5. Shahshabaran(Ghulmet)
  6. Menamgusham (Sumayar)
  7. Kachali (Minapin)
  8. Sumayar Bar (Hopar)
  9. Silkiyang (Sumayar)

This is all for now. I have elaborated everything on the context of things to do in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan. If still there is anything missed or anything misinterpreted, may comment. I would update accordingly and would appreciate it.

For Travelling in Pakistan you may directly submit Contact Us Form to Use we will reach you. We have experienced trekkers and mountaineers who will guide you to visit Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan.

Things to do in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan - A Complete Travel Guide - Explore Nagar Travels pinterest pin-min
Things to do in Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan – A Complete Travel Guide – Explore Nagar Travels Pinterest pin

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