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First National Ice Sports Competitions starts in Ghulkin, Hunza

First National Ice Sports Competitions starts in Ghulkin, Hunza

First National Ice Sports Competitions starts in Ghulkin, Hunza of #GilgitBaltistan,total 21 teams from

Punjab, Sindh, AJK, KPK, GB Scouts, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, Gilgit_Baltistan participating, Canadian High Commissioner @gilmour_wendy acted as referee in first match. By Jamil Nagri

First National Ice Sports Competitions starts in Ghulkin, Hunza of #GilgitBaltistan,total 21 teams from Punjab, Sindh, AJK, KPK, GB Scouts, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, Gilgit_Baltistan participating, Canadian High Commisioner @gilmour_wendy acted as referee in first match

Today was training day in #Ghulkin! Our Canadian female coaches had a blast working with amazing men’s teams and reffing a very fierce girls match! #GoNorth #WinterSports

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Canadian High Commissioner Visited Altit Hunza:

As per her tweet, “What an amazing match – my congratulations to Altit’s #SCARF for organizing the 4th #Winterlude festival, and to the young players from Hunza and Chitral – my @CanHCPakistan colleagues and I had a blast!”

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Canadian High Commissioner in Islamabad Wendy Gilmour acted as a referee in Ice Hockey match being played between girls teams in Altit, Hunza.

aimed at promoting winter sports and tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan.

The competitions, being organized by Scars Club Hunza, will be held at Historic Altit Lake.

fly Dubai wishes to start international flights to Skardu

fly Dubai wishes to start international flights to Skardu

The big news is underway. Fly Dubai wishes to start international flights to Skardu. As per CAA, fly Dubai has submitted applications for its direct operations to Skardu.

Soon after the declaration of Skardu airport to the international airport by PM Imran khan. Fly Dubai has submitted its application for direct travel to Skardu. Moreover, it has been also revealed by spokesperson CAA, Skardu international airport would be a game-changer for the Gilgit Baltistan tourism sector.

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Fly Dubai will be starting its operation after the official permit is signed by Pakistan Civil Aviation and Dubai Civil aviation.

Gilgit airport is also upgraded to the interantion soon for the tourism promotion. Currently, there is being an ATR running due to the small runway. But it will be reconstructed soon.

Imran Khan (PM) to announce provincial status for Gilgit Baltistan

Imran Khan (PM) to announce provincial status for Gilgit Baltistan

PM Imran khan will also inaugurate the Jaglot-Skardu route and recently built Skardu international airport in his visit.

As per Minister Mr. Zakria Maqpon, PM Pakistan will also announce the interim status for Gilgit Baltistan during his address at the public gathering.

Noted that the package for the Gilgit Baltistan GB constitutional package has been submitted to PM Imran Khan in September 2021.

Tomorrow PM Pakistan is visiting Skardu and see what would he announce for the people of Gilgit Baltistan.

Abrar ul Haq Tweet – Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s dream on building school in his village

Abrar ul Haq Tweet – Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s dream on building school in his village

Muhammad Ali sadpara has wish to open a school in his village. After the news went viral about the missing of Ali Sadpara, John Snorri and Juan Pablo Mohr on K2 while ascent in winters. Abrar ul Haq Tweet – Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s dream on building school in his village

A Pakistani renown singer, celebrity and leader of Tehreek-e-Insaf has taken the dreams of Muhammad Ali Sadpara for having long dreams to built a school in his village. As son as the news came to the notice of Abrar ul Haq. He updated a tweet on his tweeter handle by mentioning that he is going to fulfill the dream of the brave mountaineer of gilgit Baltistan Pakistan Muhammad Ali Sadpara.

Abrar ul Haq Tweet on Muhammad Ali Sadpara:

Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s dream on building school in his village

Adding to above chain, note that Muhammad Ali and his team is still missing from February 4,2021. According to the reports and sources received on different platform and mainstreams networks, they all had summited K2 8,611-metre peak successfully. But on descent they got incident at some unknown place and still they gone miss.

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Sophisticated and technological search operation has been taken to find the traces of the said three missing climbers in the possible routes of the mountain. But failed to find any identification to sort out this mission.

K2 expedition 2021

Referring to this huge lose on K2 expedition 2021. A Pakistani singer Abrar ul Haq has tweeted as per below.:

 “I have just heard the news that Muhammad Ali Sadpara  wanted to build a school in his village after his mission”.

“We have decided to fulfil his dream and Insha’Allah a school will be built in the village of our hero in his memory,”

Abrar ul Haq
17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel

17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel

My 17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel bucket list as Western media may try to tell you, but trust me – Pakistan is definitely an amazing country. Think of the famous mountain peaks, the emerald-green and turquoise-blue valleys, the deserts filled with the remnants of ancient civilization … and not even half of it.

One thing is for sure: Pakistan is sure that there is no shortage of scenic places to visit!


During the 4 months I spent in the country, I was constantly flying with what I was seeing. There are endless absolutely natural (and man-made) scenery to see while backpacking Pakistan, so I thought it would be the 17 best spotlights for future travelers.

17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel in 2021
17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel in 2021

17 Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel

Without further ado, here are 17 beautiful places in Pakistan To Travel (not in special order), a country that steals my heart quickly and seriously.


Let’s jump very firstly to the fantabulour valley of pakistan an which is also known as Switzerland of Pakistan.

Swat Valley

Despite this for a long time, the present and future of the Swat Valley are very bright. This magnificent valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan is somewhat straightforward with a fairy tale. See bright green fields and forests, picturesque villages, and rivers with blue shapes very clearly and brightly.

The true beauty of Swat can be seen around the city of Kalam which serves as a base to explore the beauties of the valley. Here are 3 places you may not remember in Swat Valley:

Condole and Spindore lakes

These alpine lakes are located at a distance of 2 hours from Kalam. These days, Candol Lake can be reached by jeep track and is somewhat commercial, with Spindore only being reached by a 2 hour trek. Whatever you choose to travel, both are counted among the most beautiful places in Pakistan.


Wushu Forest

This well-preserved forest is covered with cedar trees and is a great place to get lost. The forest road continues to many villages on the banks of the Kalam River.

Hunza Valley

If you live in Pakistan – or have read anything about the country – you can almost certainly come up with the name Hunza. The word ‘valley’ may not bother you though, though – Hunza is actually a huge district with many valleys and villages. Part of the ancient Silk Road, here are some of the most beautiful sites in Hanja:

Pigeon cone

Pasu Cathedral is a natural art that is one of the most recognizable sights in Pakistan. Although it is not allowed to stay overnight in Pasu village, the cones are visible from the path starting from Gunim village. The most typical view of the cathedral is an hour’s drive from Gilgit City on the Corgoram Highway.

Attabad Lake

A virtually invisible lake … even when you are standing in front of it. When large-scale landslides occurred in 2010, Atabad emerged from the tragedy. The flow of the Hunza River was blocked and now its famous lake is formed. Its bright blue turquoise water makes it one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

Eagles nest
Want to see the most epic sunsets in the Hunza Valley? Head over to the Eagles nest around the Golden Hour! The name comes from a nearby upscale hotel/restaurant, but you can drive up to the viewpoint without going there.

17 Most Beautiful Places to travel is a guide to travel  in whole pakistan attabad lake hunza valley
Attabad lake hunza valley

Nagar Valley

The valley is the main attraction of the city for tourists with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. The view of the four 7,000-meter-high peaks, i.e., the isolated points of Rakaposhi, Duron, Golden and Ultra, is unique. The valley is famous for its delicious fruits, terraced farms, historic buildings and various changing colors. Bershawski and Waki Hanja are the languages spoken in the urban area, but English and Urdu are widely used for communication with visitors. The city is a state of equal status and importance as Hunza. Despite the vast expanse of the valley, the city’s main village is in front of Karimabad, across the Hanja River. Bar, Zafarabad, Hussainabad, Secunderabad, Nelt and slavery are the major villages in the city.

Rakaposhi is a mountain range in the Karakoram Range of Pakistan. The city is located in the semi-autonomous Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, 100 km north of the capital Gilgit, in the Valley District and between the Denier and Bagrotti valleys. Rakaposhi means “covered with snow” in the local language. Rakaposhi is also known as Dumani (“Mother of Mist” or “Mother of Clouds”). It is ranked 27th and 12th in Pakistan, the highest in the world, but more popular for its beauty than its rank. Rakaposhi was boarded by members of the Mike Banks and Tom Pete on the 1958 British-Pakistani voyage southwest of Spur / Ridge. On June 25, they both suffered minor injuries when they reached the summit. Another climber slipped and fell and died the night before.

17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel Ghulmet Nagar Valley

Rakaposhi 7788m: Rakaposhi is a mountain range in the Karakoram Range of Pakistan. The city is located in the heart of the Valley District and in the semi-autonomous Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, 100 km north of the capital Gilgit. Rakaposhi means “covered with snow” in the local language. Rakaposhi Peak, which is also called Dumani (“Mother of Mist” or “Mother of Clouds”). It is ranked 27th and 12th in Pakistan, the highest in the world, but it is more popular for beauty than its rank.

Mike Banks and Tom Pete were the first British-Pakistani expedition to climb Rakaposhi on the Southwest Spur / Ridge route in 1958. On June 25, they both sustained minor injuries while climbing the peak. Another climber slipped and fell and died the night before.

Hopper Valley

The Hopper Glacier is the second last village of district Nagar Gilgit-Baltistan. It is also considered to be the most scenic tourist point in the whole of Gilgit-Baltistan. Hopper Valley is 10KM from Nagar Khas.

-A beautiful part of the Hopper Nagar Valley in northern Pakistan. The town is located 10 km from the main town of the valley, Nagarkhas. Hopper Valley is also a home to the Spontic and Hopper Glaciers. Hopper Valley is a group of villages surrounded by a natural bowl at the Bolter Glacier turn.

The hopper in front of the White Hopper Buller is connected to the Barpu Glacier. It is the tallest camp for trekking surrounded by snow-capped peaks known as Hisar Mujtag. The entire population of the valley speaks Brushaski. It has always been a mystery to Bursi linguists. The valley has many natural resources and natural beauty, but the ignorance of the government and local politicians has not been realized for its potential.

Rush Lake City Valley is the highest lake in Pakistan

Rush Lake is the highest lake near Rush Pari Peka at 4,696 meters in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Rush is one of the most alpine lakes in the world. It is 15 km (9 miles) from Mier Peak and Spantic (Golden Peak) in the Nagar Valley.

Rush Lake and Rush Peak District are located in the Municipal Valley and through the Hopper Village and the Hopper Glacier (Bultar Glacier) and the Myr Glacier, which originate from the Mir and Fupors Peaks. Trek to Lake Rush offers spectacular views of Spontaneous, Malobiting, Myr Peak, Fuprash Peak and Alto Sir.


The water at Rush Lake freezes in winter. The whole area turns white and gives amazing visual details beyond. Mountaineering can reach Lake Rush without the need for a long and arduous climb. Treks offer some amazing mountain scenery on earth. The trek to Rush Lake offers spectacular and spectacular views of Spontaneous, Malobiting, Mier Peak, Fuprash Peak, and Altar Sir. Lake Rush crosses glaciers, grasslands, and terraced fields in the Karakoram Mountains. Rush Lake offers beautiful scenery with crystal clear water, surrounded by a green slope and an altitude of 7000 meters.

17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel Hopper Glacier
17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel Hopper Glacier

Brogil Valley

The Brogil Valley, north of Waqan Corridor in Afghanistan, can only be reached by trek or horse to the east. These days, a once-hidden locale can be accessed via a treacherous jeep track – although it only receives a few visitors over a period of a few months without freezing under the ice.

Currently, foreigners are allowed to visit Brogil. (If you are caught, check the office of the Deputy Commissioner in Chitrakoot before trekking there.) But Pakistanis – please see this beauty! The valley has numerous lakes, yaks and lush meadows, all set against a dramatic mountain backdrop at 13,000 feet.

Also, a day trek from Lashkargaz, the last village of Brogil, will take you to the highest carambar lake in the world!

Boin village

Boen, also known as the Green Top, is a short drive or manageable hill trip from the city of Kalam. When you finally reach the summit, you get a glimpse of one of the most spacious and beautiful villages I have ever seen – with stunning views of the valley below. There is an easy day trip from Boen Kalam.


A city … tell me what? Yes, Lahore maybe a metro, but its treasury of historical sites is definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan. Lahore was the city of the Mughals, and there are many in their creation. If you are wondering what are the best places to visit in Lahore, hold on to them because there are so many of them!

The most famous monuments of the city are the Badshahi Mosque, the Wazir Khan Mosque, and the Lahore Fort. Add to the dozens of Havelis on beautiful preserved tombs, magnificent temples, and Havelis and you yourself are the cultural capital of Pakistan.

17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel Lahore City
17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel Lahore City

Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park is technically located in Pakistan, but it resembles Mars! The park covers an area of ​​over 6,000 square kilometers and has very unique rock formations, vast valleys, many animal species and even a mud volcano.

What’s more, part of the national park embraces the coast and connects the ocean with its other assets. This place is particularly added to my list of 17 most beautiful places to travel. Despite being completely outside the world, Hingol is only 3.5 hours from Karachi, Pakistan’s most populous city.

Pakistanis should have no problem entering the park, but foreigners have mixed experiences. Some were able to spend a night/weekend in the park with the locals, while others were only allowed days. The park has no public transportation, so access to its own transportation is required.

Kalash Valley

The Kalash Valley, which includes Bamborate, Rambur, and Birir, is home to the Kalash people, a religious and ethnic minority in Pakistan, who have their own beliefs, culture, and language. The valleys in which they live are definitely some of the most beautiful places in Pakistan – not only for their natural splendor but also for the beauty of the shit.

The Rampur Valley is particularly spectacular. Here, kilometers of dusty road and mountains along the banks of the Kalash River. The Kalash people live in wooden houses glued to the high hills, and the women are especially famous for their traditional dress in dark colors and headwear that is different from anything in Pakistan.

Since it is only 2.5 hours from Chitral City, it is very easy to turn it into one of the valleys these days. If you decide to go to Rampur, take a day to go to the valley. Rambur, Shekhande’s last settlement, is a former Nuristani village whose inhabitants migrated to Pakistan across the border a few hundred years ago.

Deosai National Park

Deosai is often called the roof of the world. And it looks great. At 4,117 meters (13,497 feet), the vast plateau is the second-highest on the planet and is only really accessible in the summer.

Emerald-green meadows, snow-capped peaks, and sparkling blue lakes greet visitors to this beautiful place. The Himalayan Brown Bear calls his home Deosai and is visited by many visitors – look out for them if you are camping!

The park charges Rs 1,000 for foreigners and Rs 40 for Pakistanis.

17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel Deosail National Park
17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel Deosail National Park


Although the list is a bit far compared to some other beautiful tourist destinations in Pakistan, the effort required to reach the Shimshal Valley is worth it. The local is known as a major adventure destination, popular among climbers and climbers alike.

But Shimshal is not one of the beautiful places of adrenaline crazy Pakistan. The village is also a god. Incredibly, it almost relies on solar energy! Small mountaineering can also be arranged for easy access to the nearby Yak Gardens, such as turning around to enjoy ancient vistas and mustard-yellow flower fields.

Fairy Meadows National Park

Although it turned out to be a bit of a tourist (and expensive). Fairy Meadows is a fantastic one. Meadows offers a spectacular view of Nanga Prabhat, the 9th highest peak in the world.

Reaching Fairy Meadows is a challenge. The journey begins with a jeep ride on the world’s most dangerous road and ends with a 5 km trek. It is possible to rent a campsite, or you can bring your equipment to enjoy a night or two of the most epic views of Pakistan.

Currently, a jeep costs Rs 8,000 ($ 51) on the grass, and walking on the road is prohibited. Luckily it is possible to split the cost with other passengers.

Chapursan Valley

Like Broghil, Chapursan Valley also borders Afghanistan’s Wakhan but is situated more to the east. This stunning collection of villages and vistas sees only a handful of tourists and is one of the most remote places you can visit in Hunza.

Chapursan is home to the Wakhi people, an ethnic group who speak Wakhi and belong to the Ismaili sect of Islam. With royal blue skies, massive mountain peaks, sprawling lakes and virtually no commercialization, Chapursan Valley is as beautiful a place in Pakistan as they come!

To reach it, you’ll first need to head to the town of Sost that sits near the Pakistan-China border. If you have your own vehicle, you’re all set to head on up from there. If not, shared jeeps leave from Sost each morning around 6 am.

While in the valley, don’t miss the Baba Ghundi Shrine, a mystical Sufi shrine dedicated to a saint who supposedly held magical powers. Also don’t forget to enjoy the company of the yaks!

Khunjerab Pass

This (Khunjerab Pass) high hill pass is not for the faint of heart. At about 4,600 meters (15,397 feet), this popular tourist attraction crosses the highest border in the world, connecting Pakistan with China.

Many people cross the border to take photos at the official gate, which is surrounded by high cliffs and grasslands. For transportation, it is advisable to travel here with your own vehicle as you can find the price of bus tickets. For adventure travelers, hitchhiking is also an option, as it occupies most of the Karakoram Highway.

17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel Khunjerab Pass
17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel Khunjerab Pass

Rakaposhi Base Camp, Nagar

For all trekking enthusiasts – this is for you! Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek In a day, even for beginners, the 7,800 feet peak offers some realistic views of Rakaposhi!

In comparison, there are few ways to get up close and personal with Pakistani veterans. The trek starts from the village of Minapin, where it takes 4 to 5 hours to reach a good fitness level.

Despite the possibility of camping, the descent is very quick, leading to the whole journey there and a day’s detour. Due to the extreme weather, trekking between May and October is possible.

Margala Hills

Islamabad may be a wonderful ‘new’ city, but did you know that even a huge range of hills is perfect for climbing? The Margala Hills are spread over 12,000 hectares and include many hiking and running trails.

Climbing the various peaks of the range points you to Islamabad in unfamiliar ways. The places closest to the city in Pakistan are very deep with nature.

Gorakh Hills

The mountains in the desert … Alas, Gorakh Hill Station is in Sindh, but definitely the highest part of the Kirtan Mountain. At 1,734 meters (5,689 feet), the hill station offers some of the most beautiful scenery in South Pakistan. This is the perfect place for a weekend camping trip.

Gorakh Hills is 8 hours from Karachi, but only 2 to 3 hours from Dadu city, then it is a good place to start your journey. There is no public transportation, but there are fewer rest houses for those who do not like to see a tent.

Rohtas Fort

Say hello to one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan – this time the 16th-century fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rohtas Fort is located near Jhelum in Punjab, 4 hours from Lahore, and 2 hours from Islamabad.

Citadel is the largest on the subcontinent and is in great condition despite age. Spending hours wandering around a large-scale structure can take almost as long as it takes to take visitors.

It’s easy to get between walls and doors all day. Keep in mind that the fort charges an entrance fee of Rs.500 for foreigners and Rs.20 for Pakistanis.

Naltar Valley

The Naltar Valley is located 54 kilometers (34 miles) from the city of Gilgit in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The popular tourist attraction is famous for its dramatic forests, collection of crystal-clear lakes and winter skiing facilities.

Although many tourists come for the slopes, the true magic of Naltar is only seen during the summer months when they can enjoy the best of the lakes and forests in the lake.

This magic valley is only accessible by jeep, but there is public transportation from Gilgit. There are several hotels and guesthouses in the two villages of the valley to accommodate tourists. To maximize the tourist period, clear the route in May and try to fall instead. You may be lucky enough to catch some legendary leaves in late October.




6 Days, 5 Nights

🗓 23-29 October 2020

Package Detail: Rs. 20,500/ Lahore 20000/- Isd– per head

Note: Karachi People can also join us from Lahore/Islamabad

Advance Payment : 8000/-

Couple Charges:(For Separate Room)Rs. 3,000/ Night/ Per Couple

Main Pick Up Points:

Lahore: Explore Nagar Travels Office Parking LG 12, Abdul Rehman arcade airline society near UCP Lahore.Islamabad/Rawalpindi: Faisal Movers 26 No.

Children Policy:

Under 3 years Children – Free of Charge (Lap or on folding seat if available)3-8 years Children – Half Charges (folding seat)8 plus years Children – Full Charges
Seat Arrangement Policy:

Seats will be allotted before departure by tour management for your convenience and will shuffle during the tour. For any specific seat demand by any client, Charges will be applicable to the discussion.



🗓 DAY 0

🚐 Departure from Lahore at 8:00 PM👫 Joining Participants from Islamabad 1:00AM

🗓 DAY 1

🚌 Sightseeing on the way (Naran, batakundi, and babusari)

🍴 Stay at Balakot for Breakfast

🛏 Arrival In Nagar Valley / Night Stay in Hikal Guest House & Restaurant.

🗓DAY 2

🍴 Breakfast at 7AM.

🚐 Departure for Hapakun Meadows Minapin Nagar.

🍔 Dinner/Bonefire at Hapakun Camping Sites

🏨 Night stay in Camps

🗓 DAY 3

🍴 Breakfast in Hapakun Meadows & Camping Sites at 7AM.

🚌 Departure for Rakaposhi Basecamp

📷 Photo session at Rakaposhi Basecamp and Glacier

🚌 Arrival to Hikal Guest House & Restaurent.

🍕 Dinner.

🏨 Overnight Stay.

🗓 DAY 4

🍴 Breakfast at 7AM

🚌 Departure for Attabad Lake, Hussaini Bridge, and Khunjrab Pass.

🏨 Arrival To Nagar For Dinner & Night stay.

🗓 DAY 5

🍴 Breakfast early morning

🚌 Departure for Naran.

🚌 Sightseeing on the way(Rakaposhi viewpoint Nagar, 3 Mountains Junction Point)

🗓 DAY 6

🍴 Breakfast early morning

🚌 Departure for Lahore / Islamabad.

🚙 Will Pass through Balakot, Mansehra, Abbottabad, Hazara Motorway.

🏘 Reach back safely

🔚 End of our services with satisfied clients


🔷 AC Private Transportation ( Toyota Grand Cabin, luxury coaster)

🔷 Quality Hygienic Food (5 Breakfasts, 4 Dinners included) (Breakfast: Pratha, Omlette, Tea and Chanay if available; Dinner any Chicken Dish or Biryani etc on rotation basis)

🔷 Bonfire Night

🔷 Fuel / Diesel / Toll Expenses

🔷 Local Guide

🔷 Hotel Accommodation for 3 nights and Camping 1 night as per weather condition or availability.


🚫 Expenses of personal nature like cold drinks, tea, mineral water, Lunch etc

🚫 Porter or Horses

🚫 Trekking gears (Trekking stick, backpacks or raincoats)

🚫Any kind of cold drinks, water or Tea (Except Company served Tea)

🚫Jeep Charges are not included if required due to Heavy Snowfall or similar cases

🚫 Serious medical condition is on your own as company will provide the basic first aid only.

🚫 Any personal meal/food order.

🚫 Rescue Services in any unwanted situation

🚫 Laundry

🚫 Life Insurance

🚫 Anything that is not included in the services included section.
🚫 Any item not mentioned in “Services Available” above


💰 Deposit Rs.5,000 as advance and remaining amount at the time of departure.

Deposit through bank counter/ Account to Account transfer/ Mob app/Transfer through ATM of any bank in the following account

💰 Easy PaisaMobile

A/C no. 355 4363636CNIC 35202-5876418-1Title ” Saleem raza”

🏧Account Title: Saleem RazaAccount no: 24317000170803 Link road branch lahoreHBL

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📱For any details or queries Call, SMS/ Whatsapp: 03124368054 || 0316-5571410 (Hussain Ali)


Please bring National Identity Card with you.

1. The members shall not indulge in any unethical activity (misbehavior with locals or other group members, use of abusive language, use of drugs etc) and may be terminated from tour without warning and will not be refunded any amount.

2. No illegal or prohibited items will be allowed during the trip. Weapons are not allowed.

3. On mountainous roads, AC of the vehicle will be on and off to keep the vehicle away from over-heating.

4. Trip Plan can be altered due to weather or political or any other reason deemed appropriate by us in the best interest of participants and organizers will not be held responsible for that.

5. We reserve the right to cancel the trip without prior notice for any reasons deemed appropriate by us and participants will receive a full refund of the advance amount only.

6. Every humanly possible care will be taken for the safety of members, still, each venture can be fraught with endangers of unforeseen natural disasters like avalanches and crevasse falls or any other accidents and sometimes such disasters cannot be ruled out. In any such type of accident during the whole tour, the company, group leader, and the tour organizers will not be held responsible in any form.

7. In case of theft, lost or damage to personal belongings during the trip, organizers will not be held responsible in any case.

8. Cancellation Policy:a. 48 HRS or less, 100% cancellation charges of the advanced amount apply.b. More than 48 HRS – 50% cancellation charges of the advanced amount apply.c. 4 days or more – No cancellation charges.d. No amount will be refunded if any person leaves the trip at any stage due to any reason.

9. Our trips are environmentally friendly and no damage to the environment will be tolerated.

10. Our trips are not insured though we exercise the utmost care & safety of all members. We will not be responsible in case of any incident(s) of unforeseen natural calamities like rock/mud sliding, avalanches, slipping/tripping, crevasse falls or any other accidents.

11. No conflict or violence, whether verbal or via action, is allowed during the trips. Respect different cultures, religions, codes of practice, beliefs, and political & geographical affiliations. Non-compliance will be dealt with strictly.be paid back 80% of their dues.

12. 80 % Deduction on total amount or full initial deposit, if anyone cancels their booking in the last two days before departure.

13 .For any unwanted situation caused by you, organizers will not be held responsible and will not be held accused in any case.

14 . The members will take care that they are not involved in any character failing activity during the Trip.
We hope for the best tour experience with us.


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