Ali Sadpara, two other mountaineers missing on K2 declared dead

Ali Sadpara, two other mountaineers missing on K2 declared dead

Ali Sadpara, two other mountaineers missing on K2 declared dead. Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Iceland’s John Snorri Sigurjónsson and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr Prieto who were Missing officially announced dead by his families on Thursday. Ali Sadpara, two other mountaineers missing on K2 declared dead

Ali Sadpara’s son Sajid Sadpara along with Gilgit-Baltistan Tourism Minister Raja Nasir Ali Khan conducted a press conference.

After many rescue and searched operations being conducted by family members, Pakistan army and other climbers. This has been concluded with a press conference with the families of the climbers and tourism minister gilgit baltistan Raja Nasir Ali Khan and declared the dead of the three climbers.

On 25th January they left basecamp and due to bad weather they were moved back from bottleneck. Hence they planned again to summit K2 on 5th February. They left Camp 3 (C3) for summiting but ali sadapara and his two other climbers disappear.

Ali Sadpara, two other mountaineers missing on K2 declared dead

Army has also conducted a very sophisticated search operation with the help of satellite images, using SAR technology and checking testimonials and timings. This time again the search operation team got failed as they find some extra belongings .

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“An incredible love and support for the ‘national hero Ali Sadpara‘ has given huge strength to me, my sister, brothers, and my mother. My family and I have lost a kindhearted person and the Pakistani nation has lost a brave and great adventurous individual who was passionate about climbing,” Said Sajid Sadpara.

Our press releases this morning ❤

We are greatful to all of those participating in the search and rescue operations of our beloved John Snorri, Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Juan Pablo Mohr on K2.

Ali Sadpara, two other mountaineers missing on K2 declared dead. All three were strong mountaineers willing, able and with the courage to make history by standing on the top of K2 in winter conditions.

Based on the timing of the last known contact by John Snorri’s telephone we are confident that all three men made it to the top of K2 and as such something happened on the descent.

John’s Snorri’s family would like to extend gratitude to the authorities of Pakistan, Chile and Iceland for their devotion and efforts for finding our loved ones. There is no doubt in our minds that the extent of the search and the technologies used in the search were unprecedented and hopefully will improve the safety of future mountaineers around the world.

The Pakistani Army has been extremely supportive in these difficult times sharing resources and manpower. To the brave people of the Pakistani armed forces we say thank you for caring for Ali, John and Juan Pablo.

The friendship between Ali, Sajid and John is something which we will cherish. As such we are grateful for the safety and survival of Sajid.

Ali Sadpara, two other mountaineers missing on K2 declared dead

Our Icelandic hearts are beating with Pakistani and Chilean hearts. Thank you to all who have devoted your time to the search and taken the time to care by sending supportive words and thoughts to us in these difficult times.  Ali, John and Juan Pablo will live forever in our hearts.


John’s Snorri’s family

Ali Sadpara, two other mountaineers missing on K2 declared dead Officially By Their Families
Rest In Eternal Piece, Muhammad Ali Sadpara And Team.
Achievements of Muhammad Ali Sadpara – A Mountaineer

Achievements of Muhammad Ali Sadpara – A Mountaineer

Muhammad Ali Sadpara is an incredible mountaineer and climber from Gilgit Baltistan. Despite less technological stuff and equipment’s, the achievements of Muhammad Ali Sadpara shows he has a strong athlete to summit the world’s dangerous peaks one by one.

Who is Muhammad Ali Sadpara ?

Muhammad Ali Sadpara started his career as a high porter by helping climbers taking their luggage at high peaks. Continuing this porter field helped him to get a chance to climb Gasherbrum II in the Karakorum ranges. And this was the professional startup of his climbing history.


How Muhammad Ali Sadpara Started Mountaineering Field?

Muhammad Ali Sadpara has got opportunities to be with the climbers as part of porter and eventually get motivated to be a climber as part of those expeditions. Later on, Muhamad Ali Sadpara gains complete confidence to become a mountaineer, although he had a natural mountaineering passion but took as a professional climber and mountaineer by taking professional expeditions.

Mentioning here, muhammad ali sadpara is also a eight-thousanders (80000’s) and he has climbed 8 out of 14 in his whole career.

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First Successful Climb of Muhammad Ali Sadpara?

Nanga Parbat is dangerous and known for its treacherous stories. Hence with Muhammad Ali Sadpara and two other Co-climbers, Alex Txicon and Simone Moro had made this summit in winter successfully. Interestingly both had mentioned without Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s brilliancy we cannot even summit this expedition.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara was a high altitude porter and now proved his brilliant skills in the field of mountaineering and climbing. We love to share the achievement of Muhammad Ali Sadpara during his professional career.

Below are the list of Peaks Which Muhammad Ali Sadpara had achieved.

  1. Gasherbrum II (Pakistan) in 2006,
  2. Spantik Peak (Pakistan) in 2006,
  3. Nanga Parbat (Pakistan) in 2008,
  4. Muztagh Ata (China) in 2008,
  5. Nanga Parbat (Pakistan) in 2009,
  6. Gasherbrum I (Pakistan) in 2010,
  7. Nanga Parbat First Winter Ascent (Pakistan) in 2016,
  8. Broad Peak (Pakistan) in 2017,
  9. Nanga Parbat First Autumn Ascent (Pakistan) in 2017,
  10. Pumori Peak First Winter Ascent (Nepal) in 2017,
  11. K2 (Pakistan) in 2018,
  12. Lhotse (Nepal) in 2019,
  13. Makalu (Nepal) in 2019,
  14. Manaslu (Nepal) in 2019.

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