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My Trip To Daitar Valley Nagar

My Trip To Daitar Valley Nagar. Chalt Bar Nagar region of Gilgit Baltistan has another gem hidden called “Daitar Valley” This part of Chalt Bar Nagar is also considered as “Heaven in Chalt Bar Nagar”. It is hardly at a distance of 50 km from Karakoram Highway.

New Place Found In Nagar Valley – Famous Places near Hunza Valley – Daitar Valley Vlog

This place is full of snow bound mountains and in summer season mountains looks very beautiful with heaps of snow on head. Lush green grassy landscapes and fields are main assets of Daitar Valley. Cultivation of the Agricultural land is done from Bar Valley into Daitar Valley. Bar Valley people cultivate wheat, potato, maize, but it is not only cultivated by them rather best quality potato is obtained from this part of area which is known for Bar Aalu.

Tour of Daitar Valley in summer is just like a heaven in these greener villages with the Sheppard lifestyle and organic beauty where all mountains are covered with the sheets of snow. It is best to visit for harvesting i.e. August, September.

I have first visited it for 2 days It is reached from Bar Valley to Daitar Valley there is transport of all Maudel or from local people, but we have gone by Motorbike and reached center of Daitar Valley in just 2.5 hours with some stays one the way. The distance from Bar Valley to Daitar Valley is approximately 15 km.

Another mesmerizing point starts from Daitar Valley called “Tholaiber” stands Seven Waterfalls, whose vlog I will present to you. It is reached in 4 hours.

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